A delicious day + a recipe to tag along

My morning has been close to perfect. I have decided that the only person who has the power to shape the way my day goes is me. I am the only one that can set the tone in my life. Plus I have a commitment to all of you: Provide inspiration, not soppy shit. So when I woke up early to make a quick trip to Salt Lake for an appointment but had to cancel (bad weather) I kept calm & called my docta. After that I educated myself about KONY2012, ordered my action pack, paid the bills & did some budgeting. I also talked to Jani on twitter because she always makes me happy. Here are some ways (click the text) to take control of your day that I think are fantastic.

Then Roman and I danced around the kitchen while I made brunch. Alright, Roman actually rolled around in the sun, but that’s helping in my world. I love seeing him so happy in his new home. I am doing my best to not post ridiculous amounts of photos of him because I know that EVERYBODY isn’t a cat whisperer like me… BUT I am teaching him to play fetch and had to post a video on youtube. Personally I think it’s hilarious because he drags his feather back to me while I blog (multi-tasking at its finest). If you want to watch it feel free by going here.

I’m fully aware that I’m a crazy cat woman & getting worse by the minute, no need to point out the obvious to me:)

While our brunch was divine (turkey bacon rocks my world), this one takes the cake… Shaved Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Goat Cheese on whole wheat crust. I want to make this for dinner soon because it’s fairly healthy but packed with flavor. Click the photo to get the recipe.

I am off to bask in the sun while I enroll some high school dropouts. Thank you universe, for providing me with such a gorgeous day, I needed this. Now please go make everybody else’s day just as delicious. You deserve it, my loves. Smooches & squeezes, Bee

Holiday Sanity

Tonight grandma & I are going to decorate the Christmas tree together. I haven’t been in the ‘Christmas spirit’ yet, so hopefully this does the trick. We were going to have clam chowder for dinner, but decided to go the less traditional route & have teriyaki chicken & rice. I am following this recipe because this is my first time making it. For those of you who are vegetarian, first of all, kudos. Second of all, if you’re craving a teriyaki dish I found a vegetarian version made with tofu. Let me know if any of you decide to try it. I hope you’re all having an awesome Monday! I will post more later this evening. In the mean time here are a few things I thought I’d share with you.

25 Handmade gifts under 5$ (All are super cute. #1, 2, 3, & 13 are my favorites.)

A DIY face mask for those who feel like their face is rebelling against them this Winter (I’m with you sister)

33 ways to stay creative  

How to eat fabulously (& only spend $40 a week)

wrapping idea  that is easy & inexpensive

A blog that will make you feel prettier just looking at it.

And 6 steps to Holiday Sanity  (Two words we rarely see together, but pray for every night of November-January 1st)

Mrs. Mustard

All day long I couldn’t stop looking at food. I can’t even count how many recipes I looked up & printed off. It started getting a little ridiculous, so as soon as I was off work I was at the grocery store. I made crusted honey mustard chicken & twice baked potatoes. Kelsey brought a salad, her fabulous self, & Lincoln. I’ve never really handled raw chicken. Whenever my mom would cook chicken I had to leave the room because I couldn’t handle all the fat & blood spots… But tonight I put my big girl panties on & did the damn thing. And it was absolutely delicious. Grandma, Kelsey, Lincoln, and I actually sat down and enjoyed a really nice dinner together. I’ve missed doing that with my family and friends, so I’m hoping to turn this into a weekly thing. I’m so blessed with have the chance to spend time with them. Anyway, my tummy is full & I can’t wait to crawl into my yummy bed and catch some shut eye. I love all of you, sweet sleeps! XOXO