Steady As She Rose

I have loved glittery  polish on other people but have been holding off because I wasn’t sure I liked it on me. I tried ‘Big Money’ by Sally Hansen & was really happy with it. But these got old really quick and they also chipped easily. So I switched to a french manicure.

The lines aren’t perfect but I’m not complaining. I applied Nail Envy as my first coat because it helps with nail strength & growth. Then I applied two coats of OPI’s “Steady As She Rose”. Be sure to wait before applying the second coat, I’ve noticed air bubbles in my base coat when I haven’t waited long enough. Then I used ‘Alpine Snow” for my tips. I used a toothpick and just put a drop of the color on a piece of paper. Less is more, if you get too much it gives the tip a weird form (my ring finger in the picture on the right did that)

Anyway, I think these are perfect for Valentines day. Simple, classy, and guaranteed to make you feel pretty.

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Nail Envy 

Steady As She Rose

Alpine Snow 

OPI Top Coat 

Big Money 

Snug As Bugs

I finished. This is real life right now – My article is finished! I still have some revising to do before I submit my final draft, but it is done. I am so happy! Slowly but surely I am learning that consistent hard work does pay off at school. Even if you aren’t sure how to do it, do your best. Asking for help never hurts either. I guess I’m just learning that now in my freshman year of college. Some people take a little longer to figure things out. I’m perfectly okay with that.

After I finished I took a long hot shower & busted out the makeup. I haven’t played dress up for the hell of it in a minute. Getting ready isn’t something I do often as of late because of work and school. I guess the ‘I don’t have to’ thing comes into play.

I believe in getting all dolled up for absolutely no reason other then you just feel like it. Plus, there is no harm in perfecting your cat eye. Notice my ‘Bailey’ necklace.. My amazing mum bought me a new one for Christmas. Thank you momma!

I can honestly say I have fallen back in love with my curls. Life is good when you can let your hair air dry & be good for the day. I’m sure the majority of you are fast asleep snug as bugs in lil’ rugs – So until next time, xoxo B

Lipstick: Fashion Icon by Lancome

Color Block Nails

I went into slight shock when I saw these fabulous color block nails on the blog ‘Gems in a bottle’ , written by a talented nail artist named Natalie. I have said it before & I’ll say it again, I have a serious nail polish problem. It is something that for some odd reason helps me relax & relieve stress. I will be attempting this as soon as I can scrub my current color/glitter off. Be sure to go to her site and check out all of her different nail tutorials. XOXO

Hunger Games Nail Polish Sneak Peek

Yes, this is real life. The Hunger Games nail polish collection wont be coming out until sometime in January, but the colors leaked online recently. Not only do I love the books, but I absolutely love these colors! Electrify, Luxe & Lush, and Riveting are my favorite ones. I’ll be ordering these as soon as they launch. Having a nail polish problem is the least of my worries, right? xoxo

All That Glitters

I decided that yellow nail polish looked gnarly. I ended up taking the color off as fast as I could as I was running out the door to work because I didn’t want to be seen with them any longer. This is what I decided to do instead. Simple & elegant. It didn’t take very long at all, but I would advise doing it while you don’t have to do anything that would smudge them. I used a toothpick to dip in the color & then line the tips of my nails. After I used OPI’s clear coat to smooth the top because the edges are rough. I’m going to try and do this with other colors to see if it looks as cute. I will be sure to post that when I do.

I looked out the window on my out from the office & had to take a quick picture…So gorgeous.

Wreck-Up-From-The-Neck-Up Wednesday

One of my worst habits that comes with the change of seasons is losing desire to get ready. I feel best when I have a healthy tan, so when I don’t have that healthy glow I feel the need to counterbalance it by wearing more makeup. Oooor just not wearing any at all and wearing velour outfits & my hair in a pony/nub everyday… Which is what I usually turn to. Velour outfits are my thing, but let’s be real, I am NOT jenny from the block. I used to resolve this problem by tanning, but I stopped that nasty habit. I’m also not a big makeup fan, I have always felt like I look worse with more on instead of better. Therefore the whole overcompensating thing really just turns to shit every time. I eat more & exercise less, and I tend to be a bit more bitchier… Needless to say, Winter isn’t really my métier.

When last Winter came to an end I promised myself that I would take the steps necessary in order to not only look good, but feel good. I want to carry myself with confidence knowing that a tan doesn’t make or break my beauty. I realize the majority of this insecurity is all mental. So I’ve started going to the gym with Kelsey every morning before work & so far it has had a huge effect on the outcome of my days. I feel energized and I’m not as easily agitated. So I’m working on my health, step 1, check.

When Maddy & I were brain storming new things to bring into play with CommanderInChic we came up with this: One day a week I will be posting a picture of myself, which means that at least 1 day of the week I will actually GET READY. No, not because I’m conceited, so please don’t make that assumption. I’m hoping that it encourages me to not be a lazy ass this winter & to practice some good ole’ Self-Love. It’s going to be every Wednesday because Mondays suck, Tuesdays are weird, Thursdays are always a surprise, & Friday is either a ‘I look good’ day or ‘Thank god the week’s over because I barely made it to work today’. With that said, it’s called, ‘(Working on not being a) wreck-up-from-the-neck-up on Wednesday‘. So one day a week I’ll post a picture no matter how shitty I feel. I know you probably think I’m a loser, and I sort of am, but it is what it is. So I did it on Wednesday but was a little bit hesitant to publish this post. Anyway, I grew some kahunas, or maybe just stopped giving a shit about what others may think, so here they are.

So I’m curious, what do you do in the Winter to prevent falling into a season-funk? Let me know, I’d love to see how others handle this situation. Thank you so much for reading & have a beautiful day! Cheers to a fabulous weekend…


Self-Love & Vanilla Suds

Now Playing: “My Little Girl” by Jack Johnson.

Winter has this way of stealing my desire to treat myself with love without me even knowing it. I start to look past my chipped nails, split ends, and uneven skin. Then I find myself in mid April lookin’ like a wreck up from the neck up (& some). Tonight after I put the kids down I hopped into the shower & did my favorite thing…. Relaxed my shoulders, dropped my head, and rolled my neck around slowly. I inhaled the delicious steam and felt free. I usually try to be quick in the shower to save water but tonight I said to hell with it and suddsed the shit out of my loofa with my favorite vanilla body wash. After that I covered myself head to toe with silky lotion and brushed my teeth until they literally squeaked. Do you do that, or is it just me? Either way, it’s my favorite, so I’m down with being a solo-squeaker. I painted my toes “Gum Drop” purple and touched up the mint on my fingers. Self pedi’s have been a thing of the past until this evening. I actually did my hair – And liked it. Then I decided that even though I’m ninety years old and would rather stay in and read Vogue I wanted to do my makeup. Yup, at night. I blasted my itunes and danced in my room like I used to after school in elementary to “Grease” & Brittney Spears. I felt better then I have in months because I decided to stop waiting for someone to give me a reason to feel beautiful.

I stopped writing this half way through last night because I ended up going out. But even if I hadn’t I would have been perfectly okay with eventually taking my makeup off and going to sleep. Women have this misconception about when we should and shouldn’t do ourselves up. Even if there isn’t a man in your life you should still do it for yourself. If you don’t feel sexy by yourself and rely on someone else to help you do so then there is something wrong with that. We are all sexy in our own way… And even before bed when we don’t have any plans, we should be sure to maintain our inner and outer goddess. I wish that I didn’t let the winter days & confusing relationships get the best of me and how I treat myself, but I’m going to start working on it – And so should you. I say it so much but it’s true… You’re worth it, we all are. We’re given one chance to appreciate and cherish our youth and beauty in this life… So don’t brush it aside. Make how you look and feel important. After all, you’ll never be as young as you are in this very moment. Work that.

All my smooches & self-love rambles until next time, xoxox Bee