Detox Bath

Trying to get back to reality after a beautiful week long vacation has been more difficult than I expected. Life is so good, but getting back into my routine has been a little draining! I’m sure many of you can relate. I’m a rookie when it comes to traveling, but I have high hopes that I’ll get better at it with time. Lets just say that as I left work today I thought to myself “it’s a damn good thing there isn’t a drop of wine in my house right now.” because I would have rushed home + drank it. All of it. In a serious way.

Instead I unpacked, cleaned my house, did laundry, had dinner + ran myself a detox bath. I try + do this 1-2 times a week. It’s so easy to forget that our skin is one giant organ that taking care of it can truly add to the quality of our lives. It’s that time of the year where everyone is battling the nasty Fall time flu. This is one of my favorite ways to stay healthy, happy, and flu-free.

Detox Bath

The apple cider vinegar is great when you need to re-energize + “reset” your body. If you’ve been drinking often, eating processed food, or you just have some unhealthy habits this will help draw the toxins out of your body + start the cleansing process. The ACV will neutralize your bodies pH + also help your skin adjust to the weather change (it helps my acne as well… who doesn’t want that?)

Epsom salt has been a big part of my life for years. When I was playing soccer competitively my mum would run me a hot bath with Epsom salt to relieve stress, muscle tension, and even bring comfort for menstrual cramps. Do your research on it, there is so much to learn about how our bodies benefit from it!

When I smell lavender I go to my happy place. It’s such a soothing smell + I enjoy adding it to my bath, lotion, or just dabbing some directly on my wrists when I feel tense. My co-workers catch me practically making it rain lavender at my desk when I get overwhelmed. Plus it’s much safer than the hyped up chemicals they put in some bubble bath soaps + “bath bombs”

Add your favorite candle + slow jams (yup, slow jams) or a book + voila! You’re happy as a peach. I usually only soak for 30 minutes. Always, always keep lots of cold water next to you while you take your bath. Some people can get overheated + faint… take this seriously by listening to what your body is telling you. Afterwards I rinse off in the shower so that I don’t smell like a lavender-cider salad.

Enjoy my loves. I hope you find your balance in this detox bath like I have. Oh and avoid having a snotty nose… lets be real, ain’t nobody got time for that.

XOXO, Bailey Mikell