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I’d love for you to join me. Happy Saturday, sweets!

Sea Of Shoes & Atlantis Home

I am loving the two new fashion blogs I have found — especially since one is ran by a daughter & the other is ran by her mother. Sea Of Shoes is Jane Aldridge’s personal style blog that focuses on the celebration of a good shoe. Atlantis Home is her mums blog where she covers all things fashionable including her own line “Atlantis Dry”. They are quite the style duo. What do you think?



Slouchy chic has been a favorite of mine ever since I started to devise & develop  my personal style. I am a firm believer that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you look good. Uncomfortable outfits that make you feel out of your skin are things of the past. Say goodbye to, ‘Is my ass hanging out of this?’ & hello to ‘I know I look good’. Here are some of my favorite looks for ‘Slouchy Chic’

What… Do beds not count?

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Now that H&M is open at fashion place, you’re going to see girls wearing the same get up like it’s no big thang. I think H&M has a great selection, but I also think it’s important to maintain your own image and to create a style that fits you as an individual. I’m just going to be real, I would rather stick burning needles in my eyeballs then be at the grand opening of H&M right now. I find much more pleasure in searching vintage & thrift stores for rare items that I can make into my own. And online shopping is something I enjoy as well, especially when I can do it while laying in bed ( is a dangerous place for me). I’m sure I’ll go to H&M to shop once this whole fad dies down, but right now it seems a little bit silly.