Beyonces Intention

I have always been a fan of Beyonce, way back to the days of Destinys Child. They were one of my first concerts & fueled the independent woman in girls all around the world. When they separated Beyonce began to truly create herself, and it’s all history from there. My mum recorded this for me a few months ago & I found a lot of inspiration from her drive & love for life. It goes to show that no matter what your dreams may be if you’re willing to start at the bottom, and often be your own biggest fan, you can do anything. 

“She’s just a maniac… in a good way.” -The Dream talking about Beyonce

Just Be Patient

As I was walking out of the office I realized I had to say goodbye to Danielle & Zack. This ended in a long conversation as I stood there, bag on shoulder, ready to go but not specifically wanting to. Danielle asked me how I was feeling about cohabiting. I laughed & told her it was going great! Then she and Zack bombarded me with, ‘Men are dirty’, and ‘Learn to share’ comments. My final reply was ‘You’re scaring me!’, which in return Zack said ‘Don’t be scared just be patient‘. Yah, I know, pretty cute (Ladies, he’s single!). So as I begin a new chapter in my life with Andy I can confidently say that I am ready for whatever happens. Come what may.  Or shall I say, ‘We’. 

Here are a few promises I’d like to make to my best friend, my love, & the best risk I ever took.

-I promise to steer clear of generic nagging. Putting the toilet seat down would be nice, but you’re human.

-I promise to let go of expectations. You aren’t the only one capable of taking the garbage out, I too have arms & legs.

-I promise to not act like I am the HBIC…. 

-I promise to try really, really hard to learn how to make amazing meals.

-I promise to leave the porch light on whenever you work late

-I promise to not drink the last beer

-I promise not to change the channel while the Cowboys have a game

-I promise to SHARE the closet. 

-I promise to withhold judgement when it comes to your man cave

-I promise not to blast Spice Girls, Destinys Child, & Annie Lennox all throughout the house on an unhealthy basis.

-I promise I’ll go into the other room to spray my perfume on before work instead of spraying it right next to you while you’re sleeping. 

-I promise to clean the litter box if you let me write, ‘Andy’ on the pooper scooper for the dog :)

And the list could go on. He isn’t perfect and I’m not either. So instead of being scared I promise to always be loving, sincere, and patient. We’re going to be just fine, honey.