Set The Standard

Yesterday was an off day for me so I took a bath & crawled into bed early. I didn’t set an alarm and it felt nice to rise when my body was ready. I woke up and made myself a healthy breakfast including a detox smoothie (you can find the recipe here)

I’m a firm believer in pampering yourself once in a while. I realize it’s hard to do & often you can feel guilt. I used to think things like “I should be working & being productive” or “I don’t deserve this” but that is incorrect. We must treat ourselves not cheat ourselves. So this afternoon I’m going to the spa to see Christine for a facial & chemical peel. She does an incredible job and I always leave feeling very relaxed.  I’ll spend the rest of my day running errands and soaking up me time.

My health & well-being rely on days like this and I feel very grateful that I am able to slow down and realize when my mind, body and soul need to be polished. Although I love making a girls day out of these things I also find peace in doing them on my own. It is my time to get lost in my thoughts & enjoy the moment. Diane Von Furstenberg put it perfectly by saying “When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.”

The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. So have a beautiful day my loves, and be sure to celebrate & embrace yourself xoxo, B

Always Knew

“I always knew the woman I wanted to be—I knew I wanted to be a woman who was independent, a woman who was in the driving seat, a woman who didn’t need for the man to decide.”

Diane Von Furstenberg

I believe knowing who you are & what you want to become is a gift, an art, and one of life’s most beautiful & brutal lessons. Cheers, Mrs. Furstenberg