Dare to Begin

Today after work I went and did my third interview this week (that’s a lot for a rookie like me.) It was the best interview I have done so far; I can honestly say today was the day that it clicked, I understand why people love journalism.

As I was leaving we thanked each other & went to shake hands. I’m not sure what encouraged me to do this, maybe it’s all the time I’ve spent admiring those who did; Because instead, I chose to give her a hug & say “I’m a hug person.

She softly replied “Well I’m happy to hug you.

I wont always be a hug person — unfortunately there might be times where I may break that rule, but I’m at least going to try it out. I mean, how much damage can more hugs do? Ps. If you don’t want a hug you don’t have to have one:) I’m usually quite good at spotting I-like-my-bubble-respect-it-or-I’ll-glare-at-you people

You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness.” -Brad Garrett


My blog has been slightly ignored for a few days because I want to end this semester running. I haven’t done the best job this semester, but I can genuinely say I have been working my ass off since day one. My time & energy is being put towards work & my class blog, Rescue Me. I have ten articles due in three weeks — and I plan on having them done early.

Another reason I’ve been such a stranger is because I have also discovered a few sad things:

  • There is life after blogging (really, it should be “before blogging”..)
  • There is also life after mother-daughter time while we eat her homemade quiche & Cadbury eggs in the sun & talk about life. I know.. Shitty news right?

If I don’t work hard in school and in the office I will not have the luxury of blogging. Many forget that blogging/the internet is not a right it’s a luxury. If momma can’t pay the bills how the hell is she supposed to blog?….

My mother worked hard to provide for me; I now work hard for the things I want/need & will continue to. It’s what we (the Nielson family) do. Nothing tastes as sweet when it’s handed to you.

Think about it. How many luxuries do you take for granted every single day? We’ll chat soon sweets.

Scholastic Day

I just ate a chocolate bunny. A crispy milk chocolate bunny, to be exact. I feel like I’m going to puke. This always happens when my mum gives me my Easter basket as well as my Christmas stalking. Anyway, I feel like I deserved to eat a box of peeps, a chocolate bunny, and the rest of my sour patch bunnies/sweet tart Easter eggs because I have been very productive today. I’ve been doing things that make you want to stick burning needles in your eyeballs. For Example: Updating my information on FAFSA, printing out my transcript, looking at my GPA (uhhh…. ya, that’s a whole other story), and applying for scholarships. I applied for seven scholarships. Being a desperate student is my fave. “Give me money, give me money, PLEEEEASE!!!” They make it so damn difficult. Like really, who has the time to sit around and print all this shit out and read it and bla bla bla. Me. But I have TONS of other things I could be/would rather be doing/would be better at. It’s okay, I’m doin’ work. On my hustle on my grrrriiindddd. I also feel like I’m losing my mind. This is the time I’d normally be stepping outside to smoke but instead I’m going off to friends, strangers, fellow-bloggers, and whomever else about my scholastic day. Next time someone asks me how my day was I’m going to look at them with a big smile and say it was SCHOLASTIC!!! Get it? I can’t even think of anything funny to say. It’s fine, whatever, this is my blog so I can get away with posts that are weird as shit.