Be – Do – Have

One of my flaws is not being able to tell what is up & what is down without my planner. I welcomed the new year with a brand new custom designed ‘Life Planner’ by the wonderful & talented Erin Condren, and I could not be happier.

I have ADHD (I know, you can’t find your shocked & stunned face anywhere, right?) so I need a lil’ extra help when it comes to balancing my life & responsibilities.

My mum bought me a planner for my Senior year & it was all history after that. My obsession with sharpies, pens, & highlighters went to a whole new level, & so did my organization & ability to multitask.

Not only is it appealing to the eye, but inspiring on every page. There are so many options with this planner, & I know every woman/man loves having options. It is perfect for college students, business, busy mums, & many more. I can’t wait to see my goals for 2012 come to life because of writing them down & taking the steps to make it happen. Like I always say… Be – Do – Have 

Get yours here 

B&W 2

I’m working from home today and so Winston insists on sitting on my lap & helping me. Since everyone is out of town Pippee has been sleeping with me in my bed. Or should I say ‘our bed’. Winston’s pretty pissed off, so we’re spending some quality time together while I work instead of in bed like we normally do (He wont sleep with Pippee… They’ve got beef). I’ve enrolled 6 new students today, all of which dropped out of high school. It doesn’t get better then this. Hope you’re having a delicious Saturday afternoon my loves!

All our love until next time, B&W 




Join Us, Dolls!

Not having coffee all day makes my head feel like it may or may not explode. I’ll be drinking a nice hot cup of my favorite tea as sooon as I get home.

But, my head exploding is beside the point. What I’m trying to get at is my work is hiring!! And it’s the best job ever. We’re in need of some help until mid October. Here is the information..

1. this is a full time position – 40 hours paid per week
2. those hired will work one of two shifts – 7am-3:30pm or 12:30pm-9pm – flexibility is key, we may not be able to fulfill all requests for a specific shift.
3. Pay is $12/hr, plus bonuses
4. Bi-lingual (english/spanish) is preferred but not mandatory
5. basic computer/internet skills necessary…but most important qualifications are the willingness to be on the phone (a lot) and having a very positive attitude!
Contact me for more information if you’re interested. It’s an amazing opportunity with an awesome company. If you love making a difference in peoples lives then this job would be perfect for you. Let me know:) I’m off, ciao bellas. XOXO

Life’s Little Ways

work – work – work

I might bitch in the morning because my eyeballs are burning & my knee’s don’t want to bend – but once I’m here & surrounded by all of the intelligent, energetic, kind people in the office I’m overflowing with happiness & gratitude. It’s hard enough to find a job, I wouldn’t dare bitch when I love the one I have and the people I work with on a daily basis.

I just enrolled a student who’s first baby is due in December, her voice shook when she said, ‘Thank you, thank you so much, this is what I’ve truly needed & hoped for.’ Have you ever felt the urge to just squeeze someone?  To look them straight in the eyes & say ‘I believe in you‘? I have, I just did, and I will continue to because of this wonderful opportunity. It amazes me when I look back at how I got here and how I felt those experiences changed me in a way. And yet it all seems so minuscule now that I’ve realized that this has changed me not in a way, but forever. This is something I will look back on & think ‘I can’t believe I was able to be a part of that’. I went from the front desk of a salon to the host of a restaurant & ended up becoming part of a second chance for students all across the US.  Life often works in ways we cannot explain, which is why at times all we can do is espouse what we are given.


By the way, I can’t help but admit that my love for work clothes is growing by the day… And this is one I could definitely add to my favorites. My ‘Work tote’ (ya, give me shit, I know that’s a lame name but I like it) is just like this bag but black with handles & I’m pretty sure my laptop would have a couple (more) dents if it weren’t for that damn thing. Rule #1. Must work in style, my loves…

Ready To Be Found

Being nineteen is weird. I graduated from school early and thought I was on the ‘right path’. I was sure that I was going to be golden with my two new jobs & planned on starting college that fall. Then when it came down to it I realized, ‘I don’t know what the HELL I am doing’. I struggled with balancing two jobs and my education. My situation at home was weird so I began living in a bit of limbo. I dreamed of having a little studio with a cat I’d spoil the shit out of & nights of studying into the wee ours of the morning. In my mind, I was ready. I was pretty confident I had what it took to focus on getting myself through school & holding both my jobs down. I knew it would be hard but I was willing to make sacrifices. Until I realized, once again, that I did not know what I was doing. I started struggling in classes and being cranky at work. I was unhappy and started losing confidence in myself. It was a nightmare. Seriously. I watched myself quickly spin into a busy little mess, and it was not pretty. So what I got out of that was this: I am a rook. And I miss my moms cooking.

Where I thought I would be and where I am are polar opposites. That studio apartment and cat? Let’s be real here, did I think I was going to pull a few hundo out of my arss each month to live on my own or? Math class made me cry, literally, and I procrastinated on the others because I thought ‘I could’. Reality is the space between graduating from high school and beginning a new life of being broke and going to college has been extremely hard for me. I know people do it. I know there are people who have kids, work, and go to school. And I think they are incredible and maybe a bit out of their minds, but either way, they make it work. But you have to want to make it work, or it will all fall to pieces and you’ll be close to a year out of high school and think, ‘Oh my god, what exactly am I doing?” I know that everything happens for a reason and the time will come where I will open the right door. I’ve always loved the saying, ‘Fake it till you make it’, and I guess I’m doing just that. I hope that someday I have the courage to get through law school, or maybe to do an internship for the news, but right now that all seems a bit much. The thing is, we create our futures, and if we simply dream and do not act upon those hopes and aspirations then where do we find ourselves? I like to think 19 is a bit off for everybody, but every ones situation is different. I looked at my planner and realized it’s almost July – And that in 3 months I’ll be 20 and still a bit lost. It blows my mind. All I know is life is full of hard work, love, patience, and plenty of confusion and I am at the starting line wondering ‘Does anybody have a ‘How To’ guide’???

Back At It

Some kind of virus was on my site and created spam and advertising that was against WordPress and their Terms Of Use. I was deactivated and almost went into cardiac arrest when I realized I was about to lose everything on here. But it’s all figured out now and I am soo relieved! Thank you for all of the love and support, I’m so passionate about writing and expressing myself here in a creative way. I hope that everyone can find a bit of inspiration and feels empowered and happy after reading La Boheme. I’m off to wrangle the little monsters and get to craftin’ for mothers day. All my loves and plenty of smooches, xoxo Bee