Fathers who step up

It takes a different kind of man to step up when another has stepped down. To do what one may consider a task and turn it into a joy. To shower me with laughter and walk around the park with me while I ramble n’ rant. I am so very grateful that I have a dad that can say he is that kind of man. Thank you for loving me… I love you so very much.

Happy fathers day papa

Good, Good Men

Many assume that when you grow up without a father it is only natural to feel as though there is something ‘missing’… Fortunately, that has never been the case for me. I have always told my mum that if I could go back & somehow change things I would still have it just be us two. Growing up without a dad taught me things early in life that helped me build a strong base to my independence. I was raised by a single mother but I have never gone without the wisdom, love, and support a respectful man can give. I often find myself taking a step back & looking at the brilliant men who have helped truly shape the way I live my life & I am absolutely blown away by how extremely blessed I am. Jerry, Uncle Lance, Gianni, Uncle Gregg, Chandler, MacArthur, Dennis, Greg Deyle, and more have made my point valid when I say that I have never felt as though something is ‘missing’ in life just because I was not raised by my father. I have a handful of admirable examples when it comes to what a good, good man is. And so today, as I celebrate fathers day and all of the brilliant people who have given me a reason to, I am full of pure joy and gratitude. Some may so I have gone without but I believe I have more then anyone could ever ask for. So cheers to all of the men that have the ability to love with no limits. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will love & cherish each of you forever and always…

Gregg & Zeb last night… Had to sneak a picture. He is an amazing papa.