Sweet boys with good habits

Something that makes me happy:

The eight-year-old twin boys that walk their two wiener dogs past my house every single day. I’m convinced their mum wont let them out of the house until their dragon ball-z t-shirts are tucked into their jeans that don’t quite reach their ankles because they sit an inch or four above their belly buttons. And their matching velcroe tennis shoes are a must, because they pull everything together like a perfectly tied bow.

(this lovely woman took this photo of Dexter the Wiener dog)

The not-so-sentimental thing that makes me happy:

Closing my eyes while I quietly inhale pink, exhale grey, & pretend that this is my closet.

Also, when I play make believe these are my wooden kitchen utensils too. (they will be mine in real life next time I have arts & crafts time)

What makes you happy?

All my love, Bee

Dads, Daughters, & Everything In Between

I’ve talked about my feelings regarding being raised by a single (and incredible) mother on here. I’ve also talked about what it was like not having a dad in the picture. Hopefully I have made it clear that I don’t have any hard feelings toward my situation or the outcome of those two things. I am blessed beyond belief, and believe it or not, feel like I have been given more then your average 20 year old when it comes to ‘fatherly advice & wisdom’. I have been lucky enough to have not just one main man in my life to love, support, and guide me towards a bright future, but many. That’s a whole other story that I would love to go into another day… But my point of all of this is I found this site that had a post abut ’50 Rules for Dads of Daughters’ and had to share. It’s on the blog, ‘From Dates To Diapers’ and in my opinion is pretty damn cute… Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. To all those fabulous papa’s out there, thank you. And to all the men who may not be a dad but still share your wisdom with girls who may not have a father, thank you, you are brilliant.