What’s yours?

Hi, my name’s Bailey, I like to tell stories. What’s yours? I’m ready to refresh my blog roll  — comment with a link to your blog or your favorite blog (or whatever the hell you want, really) so I can pop over & enjoy the things you create. You know I’m not picky.

Ready, set… GO!

1. Pink Pashmina scarf – Gift from Auntie

2. Glasses – Urban Blues in SLC

3. Creme & black striped sweater – TjMaxx

4. Leggings – Victorias Secret

5.Yellow off the shoulder yoga shirt – Victorias Secret 2010 line 

6. Harness 15r Frye Boots 


How Many Favorites Can A Girl Have?

I’m attempting (& failing) to squeeze in time to make my favorite blogs more accesible through CIC, but I am realizing that I just can’t be that patient. So until I get the new layout for CIC, here are some of the blogs I want to give a shout out to. You’re all truly talented & I genuinely enjoy following your blogs & seeing your creativity flourish in your everyday lives. I hope that all of my amazing readers take the time to drop them a line & see what they are all about. I plan on sharing my favorite blogs as often as I can (I have a ridiculous list in my bookmarks… r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s)

Keyboards ready….? Bookmark away, babes. XOXO

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You Know You Want To

Good morning little birds! Since I have been absent I thought I would pop in to share some of my favorite posts today. Enjoy, and don’t forget to shower these fantastic blogs with some good, good lovins. You know you want to. XOXO


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