Success-crazed Confessions

Confession: I have been very caught up in my personal success since moving into my own place. My mind set has been warped into the unfortunate phase of “If I work harder I’ll make more, and then I’ll have nicer things and more interesting qualities. I’ll buy nice kitchen supplies and delicate rugs, I’ll turn my house into a home. My clothes will be lovely and my words will be sweet.”

And tonight it hit me: when did I decide that a woman in satin guaranteed a beautiful conversation? Or that a well decorated home would make the best memories? Does a degree increase the quality of my character, or simply add to my existence in the work place? These are the thoughts that I can’t help but analyze. And when I came across this quote I discovered my problem, and I suppose it is time to find the solution. I value hard work, success, and a respectable resume. But have I unintentionally started to value those things more than my self? I’d love to know what you do to stay grounded.

“We believe that if we had a bigger house, more expensive clothes, or more academic degrees, people would value us more. But success is a currency that is not accepted by the heart: you can’t buy love. Only people who are caught in the same misconception will bond with your accomplishment. Success-based relationships are parasitic, and they vanish when the fame, money, and power do.” -Martha Beck, life coach



Building Resilience

No matter what our circumstances are we each have our own battles in life. You can have your dream job, the healthiest & happiest relationships, a beautiful place to call home, and  the courage & education to pursue your dreams. But at the end of the day those things do not matter when life decides to test you. We all have, and are allowed, to have bad days. There are no exceptions. We all have days that shake us. Yes, some are better equipped than others when it comes to difficult times, but at the end of the day we are all human and we all have to find our own ways to cope.

One of my favorite coping mechanisms is yoga. I’m normally a night owl but when I have class at 6 a.m I force myself to sleep. So when I woke up this morning after having plenty of sleep and still felt mentally and physically exhausted I knew I needed to push myself to go to class more than ever. I forgot my water bottle & towel, and so I found a spot in the back of class because I was later than usual. My breathing was off, my palms burned from using my old mat, and I couldn’t hold my strongest poses for the life of me. There wasn’t much to it, I was simply off balance.

When I left I hugged my teacher and thanked her for a wonderful class. As difficult as class was for me this morning I know that it was what I needed. I needed that extra push. I knew that instead of feeling frustrated about my personal performance in class I should be thankful that I have the opportunity and ability to go and start my day with yoga. It was the first of many things that helped me choose happiness today.

I don’t think that we ever find the perfect answer to how we are supposed to manage our stress, self-doubt, fears, and life’s challenges. I believe this to be true because each trial and error is so unique and needs special care for us to properly heal and grow as individuals. However, I do know this for sure: We must never give up. Whether it is the power of prayer, self-love, fitness, time spent with mother nature, or the people we surround ourselves with there is always a solution to the problem. We simply must be willing to seek and work for it. The last month has taught me a lot but that has been one of my biggest & best lessons thus far.

With that said I hope that you do wake up every morning and choose happiness no matter what life presents you with. You must breathe through each struggle, stretch beyond your comfort, and exceed your personal expectations. Because you are worth it.