Tastes of Spring

Hi loves. So, it’s almost March! Almost. And for a heat loving girl who always has her bikini in her glovebox just in case, that makes me very happy. We’ve had a couple of really beautiful sunny days in Salt Lake over the last week (60 degrees) Now, I realize that they were kind of teasers… but I’m already feeling pretty antsy for Spring to get here.

One of my favorite things is planning out what to plant in our garden. It’s so much fun sitting down with my mom on the porch and drawing out where each plant will go. She’s much better at it than me, but I’m learning more each year. She focuses on things that are over my head and I focus on placing pretty crystals and wind chimes etc. all around to make it a happy garden. I was obviously raised by a pack of lesbians and hippies.. So there’s that.

There’s something therapeutic about putting my cut off shorts and a tank top on, getting on my knees, and getting my hands dirty after a long day at work. No stress, no bullshit, just me, the plants, some bugs, and some good tunes.

There are moments where gardening can really kick my ass and make me sweat. Like when my mom grants me the lovely duty of hauling huge bags of turkey shit from the car into the garden…. And then there are times where I am caring for one specific baby tomato plant that needs some trimming, and if I don’t do it right it wont live so I have to really take my time and be gentle with it. I’m not a gentle person by nature… so it kind of becomes a calming, peaceful thing for me to do. I always have a shit eating grin on my face when I can go and pick a gorgeous, perfect, homegrown tomato off of that exact plant a few weeks later.

And there is nothing better then being able to share our harvest with loved ones and neighbors. Whether it’s a basket of assorted fresh produce or an amazing dinner made strictly from the garden that we enjoy together on a Summer night. It’s rewarding, and there is comfort and joy in knowing exactly where our food came from.

If you don’t have a garden I suggest you do the hustle and start making a game plan to change that. It’s hard work, but the outcome is more than worth it. Alls I’m sayin’ is I’ve never met a soul that has said “This fresh, organic, heirloom tomato really sucks. I wish I wouldn’t have planted this garden.”


Wanna Hang Out and Name My Plant?

Remember when baby-Roman went batshit over a tree? If not, click here to refresh your memory. So, that tree died and I was actually relieved because I didn’t want to move it back to Salt Lake when I left Logan. Long story short, now that I am settled I have decided to ease back into being a plant-momma.

My Aunt Carolyn gave me 4 new plants for my apartment and I love them. I now have 5 plants and a tree. I’ve come a long way from my plant-killing days 2 years ago. The air quality where I live is toxic, and the inversions last for up to a week sometimes. I like to tell myself the plants make somewhat of a difference when I walk through my front door.

Roman assumed I brought them home for him to suckle/chew/sniff/play safari cat in. So it’s been an interesting evening trying to find places where he can’t get to them. He’s a huge pain in my ass sometimes, but I sure do love him.

This guy is a non-medicinal aloe vera plant. And he has a mustache. So obviously he’s my favorite. He came from a home with 2 clever kids and my hilarious aunt, so I left the ‘stache because it suited him. I’ll name him eventually, but I usually like to do that when I’m intoxicated so I’ll wait until girls night with Kels on Friday. I get reeeeeaaal creative when I’ve had a glass of wine or two.

*slightly buzzed* “Kels, lets name my aloe vera plant!”

How do I have friends?