When Things Get Heavy

One of my biggest flaws is not paying enough attention to detail (always has been) but I’m working hard to make sure it will not always be. I’m learning life is easier when we stop running away from our personal flaws.. or even worse, ignoring them. I’m not saying I accept the fact that I drove to Idaho this morning because I missed the exit I take to get home on a regular basis (too much on my mind + Romans neat perma-meow/panting the whole way home didn’t help)… Alls I’m sayin’ is I’m not going to beat myself into the ground because of it  (route B was much prettier anyway) My point is that mistakes do not erase our self-worth, they teach us lifelong lessons that increase it bit by bit. This is, of course, as long as we choose to learn from the bumps in the road instead of letting them throw us off track.


I guess what I’m trying to say is a little bird is telling me one of you may need to be reminded that you’re incredible, and you probably don’t even know it. Be soft with yourself, sweets. You’re just learning and the books only get heavier from here. Get some reading glasses that you feel like a babe in & get to studying, darlin. It’s a long, windy, beautiful & sometimes ugly road ahead. (Don’t tell your mum I said this) but sometimes I get so busy keeping my heart active that I forget to use my brain — and I don’t see a damn thing wrong with that.

Only One

“There is only one happiness in life…”

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I See You

I am a huge fan of glasses that are a little bit different. Alright, I’m a huge fan of all things different. The glasses I have on in my post yesterday are not prescription, but I love them. There is a great site where you can buy glasses that are similar & fairly inexpensive. If you’re going to look like a loser, at least look like a sexy loser (I’m kidding, you’re not a loser, you’re gorgeous)


Matte About You

I love her glasses and that sweater. Her outtie-trying-to-be-an-innie belly button… mmm, not so much.

I’ve been waiting for ‘Matte About You’ to get to my house forever. It was sold out everywhere, and after 3 stores I gave up and ordered it online. It was hard to capture it in the photo, but the base color is ‘Flirt’ by ‘Hard As Nails’ and then I did half of my nail with the Matte About You & the other half still shiny with Flirt. I am excited to see what other colors look like with Matte About You on them as a top coat. Definitely a good purchase.