Being picky about what I put into my mind

I have decided to commit to listening to an inspirational speech/video each day for the rest of this month. I will do this instead of pinning workouts that I’ll never do & pictures of beautiful babies that I won’t have for 5+ years on Pinterest. Same goes for mindless Facebook wandering & reading tweets where crazy girls like this one share uncouth tweets. Yes, most of us enjoy indulging in a little social media but if we learn to be more selective about what our brains take in on a daily basis we can begin to truly grow. Those things do not get me anywhere, motivational speeches giving me the tools I need to be successful can.

This afternoon I listened to 50 Things I Will Do Today. There are plenty more options among the one I chose at Learn Out Loud, so head on over & listen while you enjoy lunch on your patio with a green smoothie or iced tea (assuming it’s as beautiful outside where you are as it is where I am)

#22 taught me this…

Buddha comes from the word Budh, which means one who is awake to reality. Become awake. Become aware. Live in the now.

We’ll talk more later this evening (if my midterm project & article don’t throw me over the deep end before then) because I have some good news to share with you! All my love, Bee

Blackies Home

I saw this idea on Pinterest & thought, “Oh, Blackie-Chan would LOVE this!”

But then my wife/meow meow asked me if I thought Blackie might  feel like he’s getting roasted. I really hope he wouldn’t. I am just trying to spice up his life, you know? When its sunny outside I move his bowl to the windowsill in the kitchen & he gets sooo happy. It’s pretty cute, except the sun makes his bowl a giant magnifying glass for every particle of shit he’s swimming in. Whatever dude. I cleaned it 4 days ago – Get over it & be grateful for what you have.

My hopes are that he would enjoy the floating candles, and maybe mistake them for his own personal sunshine. Or jesus. Thoughts?

Part Of The Solution

This is a great explanation behind SOPA and PIPA. Many of us are aware of what is going on, but lacking in details, which results in not being interested in the problem. Please, please take the time to watch this video and educate yourselves. If passed, it WILL affect our freedom on the internet. This directly effects bloggers… So I find it very important. Instead of not doing anything now and bitching about it later, be proactive and sign this petition.  It takes two seconds. Be part of the solution. 

Frogs and Tube Socks

It’s earth day so I hope you got nice n’ dirty in your garden because it was BEAUTIFUL outside! If not I hope you took your woobie for a walk, Or went for a run, or a hike. Alright you get the gist of what I think the perfect way to celebrate earth day is. Basically, I hope you got your ass outside because we live in a state that offers plenty of things to do. Celebrating for me often involves one thing: Vino. I saw this in the pantry at my papa’s and immediately started looking into it. When I have my own home I’ll be sure to keep plenty of it in stock.

I love the earth. I’m not even kidding, I think it’s phenomenal. All the animals and plants are so interesting. Yesterday my Aunt Care told me there was a tiny little baby bunny in the yard. I kid you not I started plotting how I was going to make it mine because I thought it was to DIE for. But then Care said it was probably rabid (no pun intended) and would likely most bite me. That kind of ruined my whole owning-a-bunny-rabbit vision. I wonder if it would poop on me? Kelsey and I “rescued” a frog when we were younger, I’m not sure how but it ended up being mine or at least living at my house. So I had this frog and it had an awesome cage and everything but the problem was it scared the bejesus out of me. This frog wasn’t just a little guy either. He was big, sort of like this one.  It would ALWAYS pee on me and make these noises that tripped me the hellll out. So I loved him and appreciated him but I hated him too. Kind of odd. I ended up giving him to my next door neighbor Jarek who fell in love with him, so it was for the best. Anyway, about a month ago my Aunt told me frogs pee on things as a defense mechanism. I guess my frog hated me, too.

I want to buy this eventually, who will watch it with me? Andy said he would and that’s why I love him, but his actions mean a lot more than his words to me (like all men) so we will see. He said we’ll watch it when he gets his new TV & blue ray…. Mmmkay welp, that seems pretty far away and as we know I am not that patient, I want to watch it NOW. Needless to say, when I do own this I will not be waiting around for someone to watch it with me. I’ll pour myself some Yellow+Blue and “oooh” and “ahhh” at all of the interesting animals and things on the earth. I’ll wear my tube socks, Steve Young jersey, and dance around the house while I make my dinner that I’ll eat while I watch it. And hopefully it will be in my own house. My black cat that I’m also going to own someday will watch it with me. Yup, already planning it out and I don’t even own the damn series yet. That’s why my first blog was called, “Drifting In Between Dreams and Reality” because that’s exactly what I did, and do. A girls gotta have dreams right?