Back To Reality

After a truly perfect Christmas I am back in the office for a week full of training new recruiters & catching up on ‘to do’s’. It’s nice to say that after a long weekend it’s not so bad coming back to work. That’s what happens when you love your job. I hope you all had an amazing Holiday weekend, I can’t wait to see pictures & hear all about the time spent with your loved ones. This week I will be working on a couple of things, one of them is getting Alans work on my page. He is an amazing photographer and I want to share his work with all of you. Until I get some time to do that between packing etc. I will give you this link  that will take you to his blog. Enjoy your day my loves! XOXO 

[Glasses, jeans, & shirt all from a favorite local shop of mine called Urban Blues]

Ps. These two are my favorite. This is why I love my job…

Release The Funk

Today I got busy & ran errands with my grandma. We went to Costco and I swear to god it took every bit of my strength to not honk my horn in that damn parking lot. That is a daily battle in my life… Finding enough peace within so that dense people can’t shake or break me. I always feel so much better once I realize that it isn’t worth getting upset over little things, but it’s hard to keep that in mind in the moment. I need to start doing yoga and meditating again before I rip someone a new one. Tis’ the season, right?

Anyway, grandma & I are a good team & made it in & out of there pretty quick. I bought my pre-workout zipfizz, hair/skin/nails vitamin, teeth whitener, and groceries to make lots of healthy meals this week. I also bought an amazing robe at Target that I can’t wait to bundle up in after my baths. I hate pulling on clothes after a bath when my lotion hasn’t soaked in all the way, so robes are definitely the way to go.

Last year I promised myself I would take the steps necessary to prevent falling into my winter funk. I have a hard time without my daily dose of sunshine and green (grass….). Each Winter has been a bit of a struggle for me. But this year I’m determined to make a change & I’m sure as long as I continue working out, eating healthy, & spending time with my beautiful village of family & friends that will happen.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It’s always been one of my favorite holidays. My mum is a great cook & hostess… Our house is a yummy, welcoming, cozy home with a big fire going at all times. Football is on in the kitchen & living room so everyone can watch and music is always playing. We provide the love, just add your favorite beverage.

Kerry & Roger are going to spend Thanksgiving with us and I am so excited. They are two of my favorite people in the world & we always have such a good time. The only thing missing will be my other half, Andy… Since I am watching the house while grandma is in Calgary I won’t be able to make it up to Logan to be with him. He works the night before Thanksgiving and the morning after and I am finally realizing that there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. I’m doing my best to not let that bum me out too much, but it’s hard. Life is weird without your best friend. That is why I look up to those serving who are away from their families during the holidays… I truly cannot imagine what that would be like.

Anyway, the storm is rolling in & dinner is on the stove. I hope you’re all happy and able to have a relaxing, cozy day. All my love until next time, XOXO

Suitcase & Shoes

On to my next destination tomorrow! You’d think I’d have this packing thing down by now. A girl that loves her shoes never finds success with a suitcase. Anyway, I’m curiously excited to see what the next two weeks holds. I’m so eager to have some time with my grandma before I move to Logan. She has a way of calming my nerves & making me feel at home. I’ll write more tomorrow night once I’m all settled… Ciao loves, XOXO