Yesterday I worked, volunteered, took a bath, and fell asleep before the trick o’ treaters had the chance to call it good. I kept waking up thinking there was someone in my carport trying to break in because the sensor light kept going off. I always assume that it’s either a cat or someone is trying to kill me. I even woke up my grandma because I was so scared. But this time it turned out to be 5 year olds searching for some candy. Thank god.

I woke up to some very fitting weather for the first of November… The line was so long in the drive thru at Beans & Brew that I had to park & run inside. I definitely looked like this…

Needless to say, I didn’t run fast enough to avoid the rain. I really could have benefited from a numbrella, that’s for damn sure.

I was practically hanging out of the window in my office trying to get a picture of the snow this morning. Mind you, we are on the 11th floor, and I think my boss was a bit concerned when he walked by. But it’s not the first time, I tend to get bored and throw popcorn out the window on slow days. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great Halloween and that you didn’t attempt to dress your children up like this…

Is it just me, or do you find this a bit frightening?? I also stumbled upon this and had to share… I apologize if I offend anybody but sometimes I just can’t keep things to myself.

I didn’t end up dressing up last night, but Friday evening Kelsey & I pulled a random outfit together for a get together with the girls. I’ve never been something that is actually ‘Scary’, I leaned towards outfits like Foxy Cleopatra & Ginger Spice in my younger years. I’m not quite ready to share pictures from that night… But here is one so you have an idea.

Yup, this is real life…. At our local grocery store.

I plan on curling up and watching Beatle Juice & maybe even some Hocus Pocus this evening. So I hope you kept all your pussys inside and stole lots of candy from your kids/siblings. Halloween at it’s finest, my loves.

Ps. Parcel & Sunnys outfits beat all ya’ll. Even Nicki & Weezy. Just sayin’….XOXO

Silver & White

I’m itching to do pumpkins. I love this one, no mess and it wont rot. Although I do loveee me some pumpkins seeds.

Speaking of silver on white…

I love all of his watches. They’re classy & go with everything. I’d get a gold one first, but since we’re talking about white & silver I thought this fit best. Click on the photo to see the rest of them. Someday, someday.