“Bitter & Alone” & Why It’s Annoying

Last time I checked I’m pretty sure Valentines day is a celebration of love not another reason to bitch about not having enough. I have seen too many ‘bitter & alone’ statuses in the last few weeks. Girls saying “I’m not checking fb until Thursday #single&bitterstatus” but then updating the next day saying “unless you have tequila, mimosas, or chickflicks & junkfood don’t talk to me till Thursday” like wait, I thought you said you would go away for a few days?

I have had my moments since moving to Logan but for the most part I’ve handled things pretty well. I am an only child so a lot of my time was spent alone while I let my creativity go wild in the backyard (moms need breaks too). The time I have with myself is something I cherish because that is when I learn the most about myself. Being alone also helps you truly appreciate the time you have when you find that special person. I strongly believe that if you can’t be happy & confident alone then you can’t be happy & confident with someone else.

So girls, instead of bitching about being alone because a Holiday is coming up, do something about it. Treat yourself. Round up the ladies & go out for a night of dancing & drinks. Buy yourself a hot red dress & celebrate the love you have for yourself. Or celebrate the love you have for your family & friends or your cat, I really don’t care who you choose to celebrate, but just do it!

My mum has given me a Valentines Day present since I was wee. Usually it was something along the lines of sweettarts & granny panties that say ‘kiss me I’m irish’ or hearts all over the bum with an arrow on the right cheek. Best things EVER (seriously).  Little things like that are so much better then having a partner to worry about sometimes! Unfortunately we’re not in Elementary school so everybody does not get a Valentine. Life isn’t fair but that’s part of being an adult.

One day you will find your soulmate. Or maybe not. But if you do, you will create a life together & it will be beautiful. Then you will pop a kid or two out & you will be begging for all of this ‘alone’ time that you are so bitter towards right now. Perhaps take a step back and look at all of the love you do have instead of all the love you ‘don’t have’. You’re alone for a reason. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the right thing for you right now. 

Pouting isn’t cute unless you’re Audrey. And it’s not going to find you a man either (not one worth keeping) unless it’s your daddy.

Back To Reality

After a truly perfect Christmas I am back in the office for a week full of training new recruiters & catching up on ‘to do’s’. It’s nice to say that after a long weekend it’s not so bad coming back to work. That’s what happens when you love your job. I hope you all had an amazing Holiday weekend, I can’t wait to see pictures & hear all about the time spent with your loved ones. This week I will be working on a couple of things, one of them is getting Alans work on my page. He is an amazing photographer and I want to share his work with all of you. Until I get some time to do that between packing etc. I will give you this link  that will take you to his blog. Enjoy your day my loves! XOXO 

[Glasses, jeans, & shirt all from a favorite local shop of mine called Urban Blues]

Ps. These two are my favorite. This is why I love my job…

Turkey & Math

Maria has her very own Mrs. Monopoly…

I can’t help but be happy sometimes… And five years old. What a delicious, memorable, hilarious Thanksgiving dinner with the Kontgis family. I am so lucky to be able to be a part of their lives. But, there are two things that put me to sleep the fastest, and that is Turkey & math. I haven’t had to do any math this evening thank the good god BUT I am full of Turkey and so excited to crawl in my yummy bed (while Ryan serenades me, of course. mmmm)

Ps. If only you knew how hard it is to get a photo with this girl… Pardon my elf ears & the bad quality. But you get the point. She said I look like Obama/Mr. Monopoly. I ain’t mad

Sunday Funday

I woke up and went straight for the to-do list. I guess that’s my way of handling this whole long distance/winter situation. Here are a few things on my agenda for the day.

Make homemade sugar scrub (via Pinterest)

Buy ‘Matte About You’ nail polish 

Write a letter to Elder Moon

Sit & hope the owner of that condo rings me 

Prepare Mason Jar Salads for work 

Finish all of my thank you cards

Pretend finishing all of my laundry today is realistic

Make a yummy holiday stove potpourri 

Track some damn pumpkins down 

Join the beautiful Kontgis family for Thanksgiving dinner this evening

Main goal: Don’t get distracted by my blog. I love you dolls, but I’m off to have a productive and positive Sunday Funday. One without any mimosas, beer, or bloody marys. I know, I know, why would I do that?? Because my horoscope knew best for Friday night, so I’ll go ahead and trust it… (read ‘wellness’) XOXO


Yesterday I worked, volunteered, took a bath, and fell asleep before the trick o’ treaters had the chance to call it good. I kept waking up thinking there was someone in my carport trying to break in because the sensor light kept going off. I always assume that it’s either a cat or someone is trying to kill me. I even woke up my grandma because I was so scared. But this time it turned out to be 5 year olds searching for some candy. Thank god.

I woke up to some very fitting weather for the first of November… The line was so long in the drive thru at Beans & Brew that I had to park & run inside. I definitely looked like this…

Needless to say, I didn’t run fast enough to avoid the rain. I really could have benefited from a numbrella, that’s for damn sure.

I was practically hanging out of the window in my office trying to get a picture of the snow this morning. Mind you, we are on the 11th floor, and I think my boss was a bit concerned when he walked by. But it’s not the first time, I tend to get bored and throw popcorn out the window on slow days. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great Halloween and that you didn’t attempt to dress your children up like this…

Is it just me, or do you find this a bit frightening?? I also stumbled upon this and had to share… I apologize if I offend anybody but sometimes I just can’t keep things to myself.

I didn’t end up dressing up last night, but Friday evening Kelsey & I pulled a random outfit together for a get together with the girls. I’ve never been something that is actually ‘Scary’, I leaned towards outfits like Foxy Cleopatra & Ginger Spice in my younger years. I’m not quite ready to share pictures from that night… But here is one so you have an idea.

Yup, this is real life…. At our local grocery store.

I plan on curling up and watching Beatle Juice & maybe even some Hocus Pocus this evening. So I hope you kept all your pussys inside and stole lots of candy from your kids/siblings. Halloween at it’s finest, my loves.

Ps. Parcel & Sunnys outfits beat all ya’ll. Even Nicki & Weezy. Just sayin’….XOXO

Scholastic Day

I just ate a chocolate bunny. A crispy milk chocolate bunny, to be exact. I feel like I’m going to puke. This always happens when my mum gives me my Easter basket as well as my Christmas stalking. Anyway, I feel like I deserved to eat a box of peeps, a chocolate bunny, and the rest of my sour patch bunnies/sweet tart Easter eggs because I have been very productive today. I’ve been doing things that make you want to stick burning needles in your eyeballs. For Example: Updating my information on FAFSA, printing out my transcript, looking at my GPA (uhhh…. ya, that’s a whole other story), and applying for scholarships. I applied for seven scholarships. Being a desperate student is my fave. “Give me money, give me money, PLEEEEASE!!!” They make it so damn difficult. Like really, who has the time to sit around and print all this shit out and read it and bla bla bla. Me. But I have TONS of other things I could be/would rather be doing/would be better at. It’s okay, I’m doin’ work. On my hustle on my grrrriiindddd. I also feel like I’m losing my mind. This is the time I’d normally be stepping outside to smoke but instead I’m going off to friends, strangers, fellow-bloggers, and whomever else about my scholastic day. Next time someone asks me how my day was I’m going to look at them with a big smile and say it was SCHOLASTIC!!! Get it? I can’t even think of anything funny to say. It’s fine, whatever, this is my blog so I can get away with posts that are weird as shit.