“Bitter & Alone” & Why It’s Annoying

Last time I checked I’m pretty sure Valentines day is a celebration of love not another reason to bitch about not having enough. I have seen too many ‘bitter & alone’ statuses in the last few weeks. Girls saying “I’m not checking fb until Thursday #single&bitterstatus” but then updating the next day saying “unless you have tequila, mimosas, or chickflicks & junkfood don’t talk to me till Thursday” like wait, I thought you said you would go away for a few days?

I have had my moments since moving to Logan but for the most part I’ve handled things pretty well. I am an only child so a lot of my time was spent alone while I let my creativity go wild in the backyard (moms need breaks too). The time I have with myself is something I cherish because that is when I learn the most about myself. Being alone also helps you truly appreciate the time you have when you find that special person. I strongly believe that if you can’t be happy & confident alone then you can’t be happy & confident with someone else.

So girls, instead of bitching about being alone because a Holiday is coming up, do something about it. Treat yourself. Round up the ladies & go out for a night of dancing & drinks. Buy yourself a hot red dress & celebrate the love you have for yourself. Or celebrate the love you have for your family & friends or your cat, I really don’t care who you choose to celebrate, but just do it!

My mum has given me a Valentines Day present since I was wee. Usually it was something along the lines of sweettarts & granny panties that say ‘kiss me I’m irish’ or hearts all over the bum with an arrow on the right cheek. Best things EVER (seriously).  Little things like that are so much better then having a partner to worry about sometimes! Unfortunately we’re not in Elementary school so everybody does not get a Valentine. Life isn’t fair but that’s part of being an adult.

One day you will find your soulmate. Or maybe not. But if you do, you will create a life together & it will be beautiful. Then you will pop a kid or two out & you will be begging for all of this ‘alone’ time that you are so bitter towards right now. Perhaps take a step back and look at all of the love you do have instead of all the love you ‘don’t have’. You’re alone for a reason. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the right thing for you right now. 

Pouting isn’t cute unless you’re Audrey. And it’s not going to find you a man either (not one worth keeping) unless it’s your daddy.