I Spy

I adore this DIY clutch from I Spy DIY 

Sometimes you don’t need a big bag when you’re at a cocktail party. A clutch is perfect for those kind of events or a day out on the town.  This is super easy to do & inexpensive. Get to it, babes!

Oh, and for the love of god, please paint your nails/fix any chips. If you don’t that will be one of the first things people see. I am guilty of this in the past until I realized how awful it looks and how fun it is to try new nail styles.


I also love both of these clutches


Needed: Girlfriends

These are the days when I miss my girlfriends – When I wish they were still just up the street & could come over on a whim. Sometimes crafts like this just aren’t the same without a glass of wine & your sissys. We’re trying to plan a little trip up here for them. If it works, this will be on the agenda.

Ps. wine really would be needed for me to be okay with RIPPING pages out of a book. Especially an old book, because they smell the best & feel so nice every time you turn the page. Yes, I do have a passion for books. Best things in the world.


  • old bookpages, drawings, maps, woodgrain contact paper, anything paper!
  • mod-podge & a brush
  • jars (make sure you can fit a candle inside them first) or hurricane glass

Step 1 – Rinse out your jars and remove labels. A good way to get labels off is to first fill the jars with hot water, let them soak a few minutes, and while the hot water is in the jar, just peel the label off. Brilliant.

Step 2 – Pick out your pages and glue them with mod-podge onto the jars.

(Here is a recipe for DIY modge podge)

Step 3 – Let your jars dry on wax paper for a few hours.

Step 4 – Do extra decorating if you like – tie ribbon or string around for a little more color!

Step 5 – Put candles in and you’re done. Put them around your house, or set them aside in a box for special occasions.

To read more from where this DIY idea came from, click on the photos to be linked to this great blog.


I Will…

I will not go out instead of doing my laundry, which results in more dirty clothes & less laundry-bition.

I will get rid of 10 things every single day for the next 10 days. I will not go to T.J.Maxx’s and buy MORE things which makes the 10 things everyday pointless… Ever again.

I will throw out all of my ghetto makeup from rite-aid & only put nice things on this face of mine. This does not count with lipgloss…. I will wear bonnebell liplites ‘caramel’ for the rest of my life.

I will surround myself with people who can see beyond my flaws & and into the loving soul that I am. I will apologize for my mistakes instead of being a stubborn brizzle. I also promise to call my boyfriend before bed after a night out so he doesn’t worry his cute head off all night…. Ever again.

I will kiss Talya and Zeb… A lot… Even if they do have colds. Because the days are flying by and I wont get morning smooches while they are still in their jimmy-jams for much longer.  I will also go to bed earlier. Not just because I slept in last week on accident (twice), but because I need all of the snuggling from Winston that I can get.

I will not procrastinate & pretend to ‘stall’ the process of packing my things and stepping into a new adventure. I will not use blogging to distract myself. At least not until later tonight.

Ps. October is almost here, what are you going to be for halloween? Zeb is already ahead of the game. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love the new Pandora? And this song...?