Bubbles & Bins

I want to take a bubble bath, Paint my toes, and then have a siesta with my Winnie boy.

Instead I’m going to continue revamping my out of control closet

“Donate, consignment, storage”

It feels so good to get rid of the things that mean nothing to me. I have so many clothes that just take up space that I don’t really have. Not to mention the fact that I’m a Libra and when we’re given too many options we struggle. I love being organized. I know this picture makes that hard to believe but I really do. Ikea has always been a great friend of mine to say the least. This is what Spring is all about for me, out with the old and nothing new because I have more then I need. Maddy isn’t here to tell me which things are worthy of keeping and what has just got to go. Hopefully I can be strict with myself and realistic about ‘wants’ & ‘needs’.

By the way, I aced my final yesterday! I’m technically done with my Freshman year of college. It feels like a million pounds are off my shoulders. But then I remember that summer semester starts May 16, ha! Oye. It’s okay, I really love school and I am just going to get it done and move forward with my life. Beautiful things will follow, I know it:) I love you dolls! Enjoy the sunshine & all the little things today.

simplify |ˈsimpləˌfī|
verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ]

make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand : an overhaul of court procedure to simplify litigation.