Flirtin’ With Hustle

I’m mentally exhausted. One helluva week, my loves. But, I will say this. I had a very productive day at work yesterday, went out to ‘Naked Fish’ to celebrate Elana’s birthday with a handful of outstanding women, and even rescued a baby mouse before I crawled in my bed and called it a day – And I went to bed smiling. But to continue on about Monday-Wednesday and then today would be torturous for not only me (because I’m feeling a wee bit slow) but for you as well, because nobody enjoys decoding sentences when I’m speaking baileynese. Anyway, the first week of September gave me a little taste of what the next 2 months will feel like. And I think I’m ready. XOXO

‘When I started flirtin with the hustle failure became my ex now I’m engaged to the game and married to success.’ -Lil Wayne