Authentic Self

I threw on a big ole’ sweater, leggings, cheetah socks and Lita’s – I was ready for school. Class was going great & I was learning a ton. I’m all about participating in class, but I was interrupted mid-sentence by my Professor. He looked at my feet as he tilted his head – ‘HOW do you walk in those things?’ he said. ‘Well..” I said, ‘I just do.‘ (Bravo on the reply, dumbass.)

Before I knew it the entire class was staring my shoes down. If I knew how to I’m sure I would have felt really awkward. I’m not sure if they were loving, hating, judging, or trying to understand. Either way, I wasn’t quite sure how to react. In a last attempt to explain I said ‘Well, they are boots, so you have ankle support….’  They still didn’t get it.

‘Those are not boots! Those are Pee Wee Herman shoes!” Before I knew it Professor LaPlante jumped onto his desk & danced across it on his toes. Aaaand it was hilarious. Matthew LaPlante is an official badass, if you weren’t already aware.

I may not know how to write flawlessly in AP Style but I can probably run faster then some people in my Litas. It won’t take me anywhere in life other then the front of a line at the mall, but if I’m going to fail I’m going to do it in style with a huge ass grin on my face. It feels good to be different when society pushes us all to be the same.

Cheers to stepping out in nothing but my authentic self today. Logan, meet Lita – Lita, meet Logan. We will meet again.


Oh Charlie

I bought my first pair of Litas!! I had to return my boots I bought at Nordstrom because they weren’t fitting right. So I switched my boots out for a pair of Litas & a pair of black Sorrels for this Winter. I am so excited. These are two shoes I’ve wanted for quite some time. I’m so thankful I am able to treat myself sometimes… It’s always nice to see your hard work paying off in multiple areas in your life.

Dinner was a success, and I have to say, I make some mean teriyaki chicken. The only thing I would do differently is I would soak the chicken over night and double the sauce. Other then that it was perfect.

The Christmas tree is set up & so is my Grandmas facebook. Seriously. I helped her get it set up tonight because she wants to stay in touch with everyone. She also told me she is going to get an upgrade for her cell phone as soon as she can so she can learn how to text. Probably the cutest thing on earth. Roxy was a fabulous little helper while we decorated the tree. We watched Charlie Brown because we both decided that the news sucks. I am so happy I’m able to spend the Holidays with my family this year. What are some of your family traditions?