The Results Of Letting Go

Push play if your heart desires…

The re-occuring pure joy from having a Valentine that I swear is made of pure love.

(and finding out he is getting me a KITTEN!!)

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Highlights of yesterday:

Having my best friend sugarbum as my Valentine (you can gag now)

Laughing the whole way there

A divine dinner at Carvers with Chan & Katie

Snuggling with my king in a king sized bed

Finding out my dream that many people don’t really understand is coming true — I’m getting a kitty!!

Highlights of today:

That sugarbum of mine

Giving my momma the biggest squeeze in the world

…Crying while I gave her that squeeze

A Frozen Koffee Kooler from BadAss Coffee (my favorite coffee shop in SLC)

Dancing/singing with Andy the entire way home

School. Yup, I love it. Oh & I can’t forget that bit of blue..

Visiting Bessie, Esther, & the new BABIES! + a bunny  (twice)

What's happenin' girls?

& ending it with this gift that didn’t cost a dime

All I can say is the love in this world is determined to make all things beautiful — I’m sure of it.



Sometimes when nobody is home I put on my favorite flowy dress, push play, and jump on the bed like I am nine years old again. As if it is the last day of my life. The dress gets caught between my legs & I have to say, that’s my favorite part. As I fall in a twisted cloud of my duvet I suddenly stop just to feel my heart beating. I’m usually out of breathe after doing this a couple times, but I have the biggest damn smile you’ve ever seen.

The best part is that I’ve never felt more alive then that moment in time. I like to remind myself that I will never be this young again, and that to truly live, I need to jump on the bed in my favorite summer dress on every cold day possible. I’ll do this until I can’t anymore. I adore the things that bring the little girl in me out. I’m not against growing up, I just don’t want to get old.


I was like, good gracious ass bodacious. So take it off like your home alone, you know dancin in front your mirror while you’re on the phone.

Checkin’ your reflection and tellin’ your best friend, Like girl, I think my butt gettin’ big