Holy Devastation

Devastated cannot even begin to describe how I am feeling about my Macbook that is officially fried. While putting the finishing touches on the article I have been working on last night I spilled water on my keyboard (five minutes before it was due). That resulted in me running down the stairs to tell Andy what happened absolutely hysterical. Tears and snot all over my bright red face. It was awful. Call me dramatic but that computer has all my photos, writing, and work information on it from 2010.

 I took my computer to the Mac specialists this morning & they broke the news. Needless to say, I will not be blogging until my new computer comes in the mail. I already have the shakes from withdrawal (kidding). Sending you lots of love & smooches for the next few days via this PC I can’t work for the life of me.

God damnit.


PS. I hate being so depressing & leaving you without a single ounce of inspiration or laughter. Follow this link to my favorite video this week. Kirsten is my soul sister… You’ll get it once you watch. Enjoy

I Still Love You…

Maybe when you watched the game today, you thought of me. After all, you were the one who planted the seed of love for the 49ers into this beautiful garden I call life. I still wear this perfume you gave me, but only on days where my heart feels stable & the weather says there isn’t any precipitation in the forecast. Deep down, I wonder if you read my blog still. Part of me hopes that you’re hanging onto the only way you can be a part of my life right now. Being humans, we make mistakes. I guess you could say we have both been acting like humans without any filters. Forgiveness is something I strongly believe in but still struggle with every single day. I hope that we can look past the bitterness & stop being stubborn… I understand that I am not always right (even when I am wrong), so I promise not to point fingers. We both still have so much to learn. I do hope that eventually, we can do the learning together. Until then, know that I still love you, & I am still crossing my fingers you do too.

Just to clear things up… This post is not about some secret man or ex-boyfriend in my life, it is about my father. My boss likes to say, ‘Never assume, because you will make an ass out of you & me’. Sorry for the misunderstanding… Thank you.