Bitchy McBitcherton

I’m sitting here in the captains chair (because the captain is sleeping) eating a bowl of rice krispies. Life is pretty good right now, minus the fact that my front door was swung open & ‘INSULATION’ was yelled in my house this morning. Oh wait, but I’m in my robe watching Mob Wives… So can you come back later?  This is a side of me people do not normally see.

The best part is the white fluffy shit (insulation) sneaking out of the spots they surely forgot to duct tape. I kid you not it is literally flying all up in my face/my cereal bowl/ALL over my living room. Lord give me strength. And a vacuum. No seriously, we don’t have one.

I wish I wasn’t such a clean-house biotch. I genuinely do. Andy had to practically carry me to bed last night because I fell asleep on the couch. When he said I should go to bed my reply was, ‘No, the bed isn’t made, so I can’t’.  Okay miss bitchy-mcbitcherton. So my sweet man went up, made the bed, and put his evil princess to bed. Reason #8479 why I love my Andy.