Steady As She Rose

I have loved glittery  polish on other people but have been holding off because I wasn’t sure I liked it on me. I tried ‘Big Money’ by Sally Hansen & was really happy with it. But these got old really quick and they also chipped easily. So I switched to a french manicure.

The lines aren’t perfect but I’m not complaining. I applied Nail Envy as my first coat because it helps with nail strength & growth. Then I applied two coats of OPI’s “Steady As She Rose”. Be sure to wait before applying the second coat, I’ve noticed air bubbles in my base coat when I haven’t waited long enough. Then I used ‘Alpine Snow” for my tips. I used a toothpick and just put a drop of the color on a piece of paper. Less is more, if you get too much it gives the tip a weird form (my ring finger in the picture on the right did that)

Anyway, I think these are perfect for Valentines day. Simple, classy, and guaranteed to make you feel pretty.

Shop Here:

Nail Envy 

Steady As She Rose

Alpine Snow 

OPI Top Coat 

Big Money 

Color Block Nails

I went into slight shock when I saw these fabulous color block nails on the blog ‘Gems in a bottle’ , written by a talented nail artist named Natalie. I have said it before & I’ll say it again, I have a serious nail polish problem. It is something that for some odd reason helps me relax & relieve stress. I will be attempting this as soon as I can scrub my current color/glitter off. Be sure to go to her site and check out all of her different nail tutorials. XOXO

Take A Step Into My Office

Today I woke up in an awesome mood & I was ready to work. It’s been really busy, so my day through Instagram is the best you’re going to get. I have some studying to do and I need to run some errands as well. I hope you’re all having a beautiful Tuesday! It’s gorgeous here in Logan, has been all week. If I had a dog, I’d walk it (or even a cat… ya I’m ‘that girl’, don’t judge me) Anyway, check out this song that I can’t stop playing. Dance around your house, jump on the bed, live a little. Everyone is always so serious. All my love until next time, xoxo Bee

A zen kind of morning

Told you it was a nightmare! But it’s my nightmare, and I love it:)

Base color: Caffeine Fix by Sephora

Tips: Traffic-Stopper Copper by Sephora

Top Coat by OPI

You know you have a nail polish problem when you touch up your nails and want a new look an hour later..

Lists run my world. This weeks is not messing around.

I decided we should have something other then tonys pizza & beer for dinner (classy, I know). Tonight I made baked chicken, garlic potatoes, corn, and steamed carrotsl. I always have way too much meat leftover at dinner, and Andy can never have enough. We balance each others plates out perfectly.

I worked, napped (I know, I’m spoiled), did laundry, cooked a delicious dinner, completed my first assignment for class tomorrow, and am now ending the day with my best friend and love of my life. Can I get a hell ya? Or a ‘thank you universe’ is suffice ♥

Tomorrow… First day of school, cause’ momma didn’t raise no fool. XOXO

Ps. My mom is funnier then your mom

Hunger Games Nail Polish Sneak Peek

Yes, this is real life. The Hunger Games nail polish collection wont be coming out until sometime in January, but the colors leaked online recently. Not only do I love the books, but I absolutely love these colors! Electrify, Luxe & Lush, and Riveting are my favorite ones. I’ll be ordering these as soon as they launch. Having a nail polish problem is the least of my worries, right? xoxo

Matte About You

I love her glasses and that sweater. Her outtie-trying-to-be-an-innie belly button… mmm, not so much.

I’ve been waiting for ‘Matte About You’ to get to my house forever. It was sold out everywhere, and after 3 stores I gave up and ordered it online. It was hard to capture it in the photo, but the base color is ‘Flirt’ by ‘Hard As Nails’ and then I did half of my nail with the Matte About You & the other half still shiny with Flirt. I am excited to see what other colors look like with Matte About You on them as a top coat. Definitely a good purchase.

If It Weren’t For These…

Hair, skin, and nails vitamin

 I am trying to grow my hair out & want to make sure I’m getting the right amount of vitamins. I bought mine at Costco, and I am really happy with them. My nails are also in gorgeous shape and very strong because of this.

Moroccan Oil Treatment = Liquid gold

I put this in my hair everyday & it makes my hair look, feel, and smell delicious. I have used this for about a year now & would pick it over any other oil treatment (ex. chi) It doesn’t leave your hair greasy either, which is awesome.

Bonne Bell Liplites in Cappucino

This is my ghetto go-to lipgloss. I can’t help but love this product, it’s old school and nothing special but it is the perfect color for my skin & I love the smell.

Terra tints 70% Organic tinted lip balm

Nail Envy Original

I swear by this nail polish. I used to have a big problem with my nails flaking at the ends. I’d try growing them out and they always looked awful and would break. Now that I used this my nails are stronger then ever & always look beautiful & healthy.

These are the beauty products that I use everyday. I’d be a wreck up from the neck up if it weren’t for these. I hope this helps! Let me know if any of you use these as well. What are your favorite beauty products that you couldn’t live without?

All That Glitters

I decided that yellow nail polish looked gnarly. I ended up taking the color off as fast as I could as I was running out the door to work because I didn’t want to be seen with them any longer. This is what I decided to do instead. Simple & elegant. It didn’t take very long at all, but I would advise doing it while you don’t have to do anything that would smudge them. I used a toothpick to dip in the color & then line the tips of my nails. After I used OPI’s clear coat to smooth the top because the edges are rough. I’m going to try and do this with other colors to see if it looks as cute. I will be sure to post that when I do.

I looked out the window on my out from the office & had to take a quick picture…So gorgeous.