The Flu’s Got Me Blue

I am blessed with good health & rarely get sick. However, when I do get sick it knocks me on my ass. Unfortunately I didn’t get so lucky this year & I caught the flu. Today was the first day that I’ve left my house since I came home from work early on Friday.

The first couple of days were rough & pretty frustrating. I wanted to cook, clean, workout, be productive, & stick to the ladies night/friendship anniversary my friend Ryanne & I had planned. But once I decided to embrace the down time & accept the fact that I am human & I do get sick sometimes it wasn’t so bad.

I drank a ridiculous amount of green tea & my grandmas magic Elderberry & Echinacea concoction. Each night I ate a head of garlic (yah.. I smell reaaaal good today, guys) I also stuck to my meal plan for the most part & doubled the amount of veggies & water involved. Nyquil made me feel like a crazy person & I ran into the wall when I got up for a glass of water in the middle of the night (whoopsie), so I swapped it with a hot toddy with chamomile before bed. And I of course had the humidifier going all weekend with a couple drops of lavender in the water.

This may sound odd & slightly depressing but in my opinion being sick is kind of like being sad. You can’t really fight it for very long because eventually it creeps up on you. You just have to let it be, go through the motions, do what you need to do to heal, & start fresh when you are feeling back to your regular self.

Tomorrow is a new day & I can’t wait to get back to work. Routine is a must for me to keep my sanity. I’m thankful that I have a positive work place to return to & goals to work towards. What do you do when you’re feeling under the weather?

All my love until next time, xoxo

Sick lazy days

Golden Sleeps


I haven’t quite come out of this “hell week” mind coma just yet. Don’t worry, my “post inspiration” bookmark tab is full of good stuff just waiting to go live. I tried to make a homemade concoction this evening to share with you but bought thyme instead of rosemary… Signs that I should probably just need to take it easy before I do some real damage. By the way, most of us have ex-lovers that branded their bullshit in our brain for life, read this post to get a little laugh about it & a reminder that you’re never alone.

You know I can’t resist showing my lil’ boo boo head off…