What’s yours?

Hi, my name’s Bailey, I like to tell stories. What’s yours? I’m ready to refresh my blog roll  — comment with a link to your blog or your favorite blog (or whatever the hell you want, really) so I can pop over & enjoy the things you create. You know I’m not picky.

Ready, set… GO!

1. Pink Pashmina scarf – Gift from Auntie

2. Glasses – Urban Blues in SLC

3. Creme & black striped sweater – TjMaxx

4. Leggings – Victorias Secret

5.Yellow off the shoulder yoga shirt – Victorias Secret 2010 line 

6. Harness 15r Frye Boots 

Fresh Meat

I am currently working on my list of favorite blogs. Supporting other writers is something I love to do, so if anyone has a blog they’d like me to check out please let me know! There is always room in my life for a new great read. Thank you so much for those of you who have subscribed to Commander In Chic. There isn’t anything better then having people enjoy & appreciate your work, especially when you are passionate about sharing it. I have loved hearing from all of you, your comments are always amazing & help me learn more about you as individuals. Shine on my loves!  XOXO, B