Never Touch The Ground

Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.

— Kyoko Escamilla

….and if you can, try to keep beautiful, strong, empowered women by your side along the way. The ride will be bumpy, that is inevitable — but at least you’ll have someone to sing with on the way to all destinations. So here’s to the beautiful women in my life that help me keep on keepin’ on when I’d really rather not. Thank you for calling me on my shit & embracing my flaws. Thank you for showing up on my doorstep with wine & ice cream when I stopped answering the phone. Thank you for getting my ass up bright and early for the gym. I love you, I adore you, and I’m a wee bit more sane because of you. Cheers to the next decade and the rest that shall follow. Nothin’ can stop us, girls… Nothin’.

Well & Warm

There isn’t anything wrong with working for the finer things — but there is definitely something right about learning to slow down & bask in the fleeting moments in life. With that said, I wish you just that this weekend. And, if you feel like it, try & stop & enjoy the things you’d normally look past. It’s not always easy, but in this case, it’s usually worth it. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.


Ps. This girl ain’t hard to please… The best treat in the world is love. So sure, spoil me ;)  

xoxo + the potential smack on thou cute ass, Bee

Entwine Oneself Around the Key

I love the feeling I get when I am around people that make me feel like I don’t have to explain myself. They get it.

I also love when I have had a bad day & I’m hardly holding it down, about to crumble, and someone has the key. The key that most look past because it is so incredibly simple. What I love is it takes us back to the basics. The key that solves many of my problems 99% of the time is the comfort that roots back to a genuine embrace: sometimes, when I don’t know what else to do other than not fall apart I just need someone to pick me up, pull me in close, & hug me. Are any of you with me on this? If so… Continue. 

As we mature we are expected to be well composed when handling tough situations. There are plenty of ways society expects us to deal with negativity, but the biggest one is ignoring it. Last time I checked if you ignore something it either dies, remains in it’s current state, grows, or rots. For me, it’s usually the last one. I believe thoughts get old, and just like the garbage, we need to take our old rung out thoughts to the dump — and leave them there.

I believe in starting fresh & doing so often. Think of it this way: just like computers, our brains/thoughts/attitudes need to be refreshed. And then, we just might need someone to pull us in, wrap their arms around us (whether they be big & strong, or soft & delicate) & remind us that this too shall pass. The beautiful thing is sometimes they can do so without saying a word (my mum & grandma are great for this… so are my auntie Care & Brenna)


I think society is wrong in many ways, especially with the way it asks us to cope with aches & pains that ibuprofen doesn’t stand a chance against. I think it can be unhealthy to never take our strong faces off.  And, in my opinion, it’s not fair to the tender spots in your heart that you may have forgotten about 20 years ago because you chose to ‘do what you have to do’ vs. taking care of yourself & moving on after you “take the trash out”

I think what Oscar Wilde said (despite it being targeted towards women) is very fitting for this. Wilde said “Women are ment to be loved — not to be understood. Well perhaps we should take some notes and stop muffling our pain & begin wading through it by starting with a hug.

This one is for you, grandma. Someday, I hope we can hug an elephant together :)

I know everyone doesn’t like hugs — and that’s okay. I respect that! So don’t worry, I’m all about respecting your beautiful bubble! But the next time I see someone I love trying to fight through their battles alone, or they just aren’t sure who to pick for their team of heart-ache-kicking supporters, I’ll do one easy & powerful thing (if my gut instinct tells me it’s okay to do so): Ignore my desire to give advice that may not be asked for, and simply give them a squeeze. Perhaps we can benefit from a little unity instead of constantly trying to be superior to others by proving our strengths that, in the end, usually make us weak. 

Ready, set, love. 

Learning From Others

Well hi beautiful!! How are you on this delicious Wednesday? Really though, I want to know. This blog was created by me but inspired by you open up to me! We have some new readers this week & I am so happy you are here. Nothing like a new friend in the blogosphere to make my day. I don’t know about other blogs, but around here we are like a family — you can discuss things dear to your heart without being judged. I’m excited to hear from all of you:)


This morning I didn’t follow my regular routine; Instead, I got up at 7:00 & snuggled with Roman on the couch with the windows wide open. We watched the sunrise & I think it’s my new favorite thing! What’s better then rising with the sun? It was absolutely beautiful. 

Today I’m focusing on doing a karma Cleanse, would you like to join me? There are 5 steps:

  • Be grateful
  • Act with love
  • Check your motives
  • Watch your attitude
  • Forgive

Last night I started thinking: Why do some women instantly act ugly when another beautiful woman walks in the room? You are both beautiful… Celebrate it together!! Empowered women can shake the world if we choose to do it together. I believe that it starts with being nice.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hate someone because they have something you are working towards for yourself. Trust me honey, hating someone for their success doesn’t make your journey towards your personal success any easier. In fact, when you see someone that has the things you desire, look to them for advice! Do it your way, but get tips from others who have figured out what works for them. It might not work for you, but finding things you don’t enjoy often leads you to things that you loveJani tweeted this to me and I want to share it with you (follow her if you don’t already, she’s hilarious): “Indeed mentors often come dressed in the wardrobe you desire. #nohate

Just a bit of food for your thoughts this morning. It’s gorgeous outside here in Logan today and I feel too good to stay in & blog — I’ll do that when the sun goes down. Until then, follow this link to the last thing I am dying to share for the day. (I also went to my first Crossfit class this morning & I can’t wait to tell you about it!) 

All my love, Bee

You are a miracle

Curve: the loveliest distance between two points.

Our bodies are incredible — too often in life we forget to love them like we should. When we practice self-hate we begin to build insecurities — a nasty cycle that society has shaped to it’s liking. When you’re poking & prodding at the very thing that keeps you alive, perhaps take a second to remind yourself about how much that “not perfect enough” body does for you every time you take a breath, step, or experience emotion.

We tend to bully ourselves to a point that we would never imagine doing to anyone else. People spend their entire lives studying the human body & are discovering new things every single day. Being aware of even half of the miraculous things our bodies can do makes me want to be sure my body is in it’s very best condition.

If you can’t seem to get your ass off the couch to get your heart pumping, think about all of the people who aren’t able to run & jump & lift heavy objects because their body simply will not allow it. Those that need help to do everyday taks. How about those that once knew what it felt like to have legs of jelly after fighting to finish a run, but suffered injuries from an accident that stops them from doing so? Those people would kill to have what you are complaining about. This goes with everything in life — we must remember to shine light & show gratitude for our blessings.

Thank your body. Treat it with great love & care. Fill it with things you don’t have to question. I know I’d rather pay more for a quality diet & lifestyle now so that I can experience a few more years of this beautiful life as a result.

Think about it.


“Bitter & Alone” & Why It’s Annoying

Last time I checked I’m pretty sure Valentines day is a celebration of love not another reason to bitch about not having enough. I have seen too many ‘bitter & alone’ statuses in the last few weeks. Girls saying “I’m not checking fb until Thursday #single&bitterstatus” but then updating the next day saying “unless you have tequila, mimosas, or chickflicks & junkfood don’t talk to me till Thursday” like wait, I thought you said you would go away for a few days?

I have had my moments since moving to Logan but for the most part I’ve handled things pretty well. I am an only child so a lot of my time was spent alone while I let my creativity go wild in the backyard (moms need breaks too). The time I have with myself is something I cherish because that is when I learn the most about myself. Being alone also helps you truly appreciate the time you have when you find that special person. I strongly believe that if you can’t be happy & confident alone then you can’t be happy & confident with someone else.

So girls, instead of bitching about being alone because a Holiday is coming up, do something about it. Treat yourself. Round up the ladies & go out for a night of dancing & drinks. Buy yourself a hot red dress & celebrate the love you have for yourself. Or celebrate the love you have for your family & friends or your cat, I really don’t care who you choose to celebrate, but just do it!

My mum has given me a Valentines Day present since I was wee. Usually it was something along the lines of sweettarts & granny panties that say ‘kiss me I’m irish’ or hearts all over the bum with an arrow on the right cheek. Best things EVER (seriously).  Little things like that are so much better then having a partner to worry about sometimes! Unfortunately we’re not in Elementary school so everybody does not get a Valentine. Life isn’t fair but that’s part of being an adult.

One day you will find your soulmate. Or maybe not. But if you do, you will create a life together & it will be beautiful. Then you will pop a kid or two out & you will be begging for all of this ‘alone’ time that you are so bitter towards right now. Perhaps take a step back and look at all of the love you do have instead of all the love you ‘don’t have’. You’re alone for a reason. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the right thing for you right now. 

Pouting isn’t cute unless you’re Audrey. And it’s not going to find you a man either (not one worth keeping) unless it’s your daddy.

Until We Are Burned

Look around, I am sure your eyes will stop on the girl that picks fights with her boyfriend because she is seeking more attention. More love. More, more, more. What you don’t know is he gives her everything she could ever ask for, and he can’t quite understand the reasoning behind her love for petty little fights. He tries to be patient with her, he tries to give it time. After months, their relationship comes to an end. Life feels sane without her temper. She has been burned, and she attracted everything she never wanted.

Then you’ll see that boy that finally found himself a good girl. She has helped ease his edges & shed light on his soft heart. She sits with him and walks him through every question on his homework he just can’t figure out. She is patient, she is kind, she does not judge him. But suddenly he is done, he is done with the love he knows he needs because he is not ready for it. She has been burned.

None of these people asked to be hurt, but in the long run all four of them walked away with diamonds that were once coal. You live and you learn & sometimes it is going to burn. I have grown enough to realize the bad relationships in my past have lead me to the love I have always dreamed of. But it began with myself. Self-love creates a net that is made to catch soul-mates.

If you have been hurt, begin with yourself. Compliment who you are on a daily basis, learn to adore every inch of yourself – Inside and out. Thank the men/women who said no to your love! Thank them for leading you to a new path, one with promise & excitement. Love is not always fun. In fact it is often dark & lonely.

Start writing your lessons you learn down, even if your hand trembles. Forget sleeping with your backs to each other, and promise to never let the sun set upon an argument again. Slowly but surely you will find each other where you can love one another with all your heart. You matter. Be with someone who knows that.

Until then, be patient. The best things come with time. Perhaps we cannot appreciate real love until we are burned – So let go, free yourself, and take a step into the unknown. Love will find you.