Meet Me There

At 11:45 last night I received an email inviting me to a press conference with NASA representatives at the OC Tanner Lounge. At 4:30 I will go to gather some information & do some interviewing. My stomach is already in knots. I will be sure to walk at a normal speed vs. speed walking so that I don’t show up with beads of sweat on my glistening forehead. Serious. I wish it were a joke but it definitely is not. The beautiful thing about life is if you are willing to expand your horizons you can meet some truly incredible people. I just need to work on not being intimidated by them. Or sweating on them.

Yesterday was a 12 hour work day for me. I know many people work that & more on a regular basis but I’m not quite accustom to it. After that I worked on my interview. I went to bed exhausted but relieved that I had done everything I could do with the day I was given. And so here we are with another opportunity & I am so eager to shape it into the productive, positive, educational day I know it can be.

I saw this on Pinterest & immediately thought of my person, my sister, my other half — Kelsey Loraine. We talked on the phone last night about sacrificing now so that we can live a more fulfilled life later. I have expressed my concerns to her about my success at school, so she gave me a pep talk which involved Lance Armstrong & his will to be a champion.

Naturally, we both have aspects in our lives that are testing us right now. We were raised by strong women and I know we can overcome these obstacles. It’s just nice to know that at the end of the day I have her to go to when I am discouraged & overwhelmed with doubt.

When I send my article in at 8:59 p.m I will shut my computer, play this song, close my eyes & meet you here.

All my love, Bee

photos via Pinterest