Happy Monday!

Hey everybody, fanks for reading my blog! We’re busy kicking finals ass & helping high school dropouts get an education, so we just thought we’d share this special photo with you instead of a regular post for today. Roman & I appreciate you! Thanks for being so awesome. Have a fabulous Monday, and as always, stay silly my friends.

xoxo, R&B 


ps. not even ashamed of any crazy-cat-lady pics anymore. don’t hate me because of this hot pic & the cat in it. Just love me for who I am, I mean, at least I only have one…….. :)

All Good Things Come To An End

Alright.. I killed our fish. Blackie Chan was really sweet while he was with us. Unfortunately we went out of town & I forgot to hire a babysitter. Everyone keeps saying, “I’m not surprised” and “Andy thinks it’s a good idea to get you a kitten?” I told Alexis that was like comparing apples & oranges. She didn’t understand that so I explained to her that you can’t compare two very different things. A kitty will be like meow meow mommy feed me but a fish will be like bubble bubble float. not the same. Andy said he’s glad I think it’s so comical… Dad’s still taking it pretty hard.

Needless to say I think that the kitten would have killed him eventually. I’m not a cold hearted bitch, I just couldn’t handle gagging while I cleaned his bowl every other day. All good things come to an end.

Rest in peace homie

Pure Love

My meow-meow blowing out her birffday candles. You are such a gem and I love you to planet-meow & back. This girl is a badass. And my wife. I know, such a good life. Happy birthday suga, I can’t wait for you to take over the world. Do yo thang ma

Copo is my babyboy. He’s the sweetest giant you’ll ever meet. This is us just loving the shit out of each other on Saturday. We were selling tomatoes and peppers with Tam all day, it was so much fun. I do treat animals like humans, it’s fine.

While Leann had a weekend adventure I was honored to spend time with her sweet little lovins, Shilo. We went on walks everyday and she was the best little thing. This was Sunday after our walk. We sat on the porch after and watched the storm flirt with the sun. I had a delicious cup of Organic Tazo Chai and a woobie at my feet – I couldn’t have been any happier. This is what makes life delicious.

Speaking of delicious… These things are filled with crack. Sometimes I am concerned about how fast I am able to put them in my mouth, almost like I’ve never had a meal in my life. They are to die for. I’ve always been a pomegranate freak but these are on a whole other level. Aunt Care introduced them to me a few months ago and now I can’t walk away from the bag, it’s pretty bad. You can buy them at Costco but I don’t have a membership so my addiction relies on my mum or my aunt. I highly recommend them but only to those who have a huge amount of self discipline… These bad boys are dangerous. Trust me