I Recommend..

My writers block from hell is no longer in the house!!!! Hopefully, some of you can relate to that awful feeling when you feel like you can barely even write a full sentence. It’s one of my least favorite things in the world. But it is the best when it goes away and you realize, ‘OH MY GOD, I’m NOT dyslexic!!!!!!’ (not that being dyslexic is a ‘bad’ thing, so I am not trying to offend anyone.)

I went to Kerry & Rogers after work to snuggle with my boo boo Kerry after her surgery. We had homemade lasagna for dinner that was absolutely delicious. We watched discovery channel & ‘Planet Earth’ and I highly recommend watching Planet Earth. Anyway, Milton needed some lovins as well..

I have a good doggy-nephew. By the way, it’s FRIDAY!! Smile, laugh, hug a stranger, smooch your mum/dad, get a running start & jump in the arms of the love of your life, and make time to snuggle with your best friends. Life is good. Sweet sleeps gorgeous, can’t wait to chat tomorrow. A draft is patiently sitting in my ‘draft-box’ about what I want to be ‘when I grow up’. I have a good feeling about it. Ps. I only 3 more sleeps until I get to see my handsome man. Ciao for now sweets, XOXO

Method To His Madness

I found out teaching Milton how to use the doggy door has paid off. He had a wee accident this morning so I put him outside & said, ‘Potty outside’. I returned to the loo to continue getting ready, when all of a sudden I look down & he’s standing at my feet…. Perfect. Pee in the house, use the doggy door to sneak back in. What a method. It’s definitely Monday.


Your Side Of The Bed

I just read until my eyeballs felt like they were shriveled little raisins. Now I’m looking forward to dreaming about my very own library. With a chair like this that I’ll curl up in to feel real tiny & in my own world. Someday I will create a beautiful sanctuary for my family & I… And our four legged children, of course. By the way, I told Andy I’m baby hungry… For one of these, you crazy ass….. + this 

It’s 110 degrees in my bedroom & Milton is barking in his sleep. I could go for some snuggins & this as a midnight snack. I hope you don’t throw your phone across the room when it buzzes to notify you that, ‘bcommanderinchic has published a new post‘… The shit we put up with when it comes to fellow bloggers, right?…. Ps. Does the girl in the picture above look like the kleenex girl in the commercials, or am I nuts?

“To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul.
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Sweet sleeps buttercup, xoxo

Parents & Their Pampered Pets

I’m listening to Jack Johnsons ‘Bubble Toes’ via pandora while my right foot is drifting into a deep sleep as Parcel & Sunny Jones make it the best pillow EVER. Keegan & Keely are grunt-grunting in their pin, which means they probably need to go do their business… By the way, let me formally introduce my new niece & nephew….

My aunties Karen & Gina have added these two to their beautiful family, and as you can see I couldn’t be more excited. So technically, I am their cousin. But personally I think that sounds stupid. I have always had this thing where I’ve hated being a ‘cousin’ so I’m their cousinauntie. Don’t question it bitches.

They are probably more spoiled then Malia & Sasha Obama. I’m not kidding. They are 4 legged children and that’s that. They really do have the best moms in the entire world. Sweaters, toys out the pugzoo, and so on. Definitely not lacking in love… They’re teething so they think it’s really neat puncturing my lip/fingers on a regular basis. Oh and doing their business on the green rug… We’re working on that. Needless to say they are absolutely delicious and I am so lucky to be able to pug-sit on a regular basis. Nobody is better to snuggle/kiss/watch Sex & The City with then they are.

I think life is so exciting & I’m also really happy I get to spend it being in love n’ stuff. It’s the little things in life like puppy breath, piddles, poops, and yaps full of love. Right? :) XOXO