“Brave breast-cancer survivor Linda Burger, 56, has a few choice words for certain people who seem to think politics should be allowed to dictate policy when it comes to the life-saving detection and treatment of breast cancer.”

“This video contains very frank language and courageously graphic footage of a body that’s undergone a bilateral mastectomy, but it is highly recommended viewing for anyone who wishes to learn from a well-informed source what breast cancer is, and — perhaps more importantly — what it is not.” –The Daily What

Please take five minutes to watch this video Linda Burger made. It is inspiring & to the point.

There has been a huge reaction to the Susan G. Komen foundation and their decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood is the largest women’s health organization in the US and provides care for all women in need (primarily those with low income).

I have seen all the comments, hateful words, etc. and it is really disappointing to see this happen. I decided to step back & keep my comments to myself until things calmed down a little bit. I have supported SGK for years and ran in The Race For The Cure. I genuinely hope that this can be fixed & that we can move towards what is truly important: Helping women in need. I hope this video can help shed light on the fact that politics & breast cancer are two completely different things.

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