A delicious day + a recipe to tag along

My morning has been close to perfect. I have decided that the only person who has the power to shape the way my day goes is me. I am the only one that can set the tone in my life. Plus I have a commitment to all of you: Provide inspiration, not soppy shit. So when I woke up early to make a quick trip to Salt Lake for an appointment but had to cancel (bad weather) I kept calm & called my docta. After that I educated myself about KONY2012, ordered my action pack, paid the bills & did some budgeting. I also talked to Jani on twitter because she always makes me happy. Here are some ways (click the text) to take control of your day that I think are fantastic.

Then Roman and I danced around the kitchen while I made brunch. Alright, Roman actually rolled around in the sun, but that’s helping in my world. I love seeing him so happy in his new home. I am doing my best to not post ridiculous amounts of photos of him because I know that EVERYBODY isn’t a cat whisperer like me… BUT I am teaching him to play fetch and had to post a video on youtube. Personally I think it’s hilarious because he drags his feather back to me while I blog (multi-tasking at its finest). If you want to watch it feel free by going here.

I’m fully aware that I’m a crazy cat woman & getting worse by the minute, no need to point out the obvious to me:)

While our brunch was divine (turkey bacon rocks my world), this one takes the cake… Shaved Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Goat Cheese on whole wheat crust. I want to make this for dinner soon because it’s fairly healthy but packed with flavor. Click the photo to get the recipe.

I am off to bask in the sun while I enroll some high school dropouts. Thank you universe, for providing me with such a gorgeous day, I needed this. Now please go make everybody else’s day just as delicious. You deserve it, my loves. Smooches & squeezes, Bee

I’ll Never Let You Go

I believe in love and I believe that dogs are truly one of the best creatures to create it. As many of you know I am passionate about many things, animals being one of them. When I was wee my grandmother took in abandoned kittens to foster, & nurse, them back to good health & happy hearts. She is the fuel that started this fire in my heart… Thank you, grandma. I remember bottle feeding the kittens & falling in love, my heart was sold. Their tiny bodies, soft fur, ears, pink noses, & slow deep breathes combined created a spell that overtook me. The love I have for all animals is not something I can put into words.


Today I finally admitted to the fact that Andy is the only thing keeping me from becoming a crazy, wine drinking, ass-shaking, cat lady. You all saw it coming.

These photo were taken a couple of years ago. They are of Capo and I, my dads dog. He is the sweetest giant you’ll lay eyes on. His bark is frightening and his kisses are healing. His big paws and head used to bring me comfort. When we took these I was just finishing an essay. He sat downstairs with me while I wrote it, and I will give him the credit for my A ’till the day I die. When I would help with the greenhouse & sell tomatoes, he would sit next to the door all day long — almost like he was protecting me.

Animals grasp my heart & soothe my soul — I love & miss you Capo. You are good boy, a very good boy. XOXO

Lola Bella

I miss my little Lola Bella! I miss Isabel much, much more but that’s a whole other story that we won’t go into…I rescued her last summer. It was a really hot day, I was in the house and heard my mum was calling me from outside. I went out and she said, “Try and get that dog”, it was Lola. She was a homeless little roo without a collar running around State Street. We searched and searched hoping to find her home but we didn’t have any luck. I had to go into the salon for work that day so I took her with me. I was noooot about to drop her off at a shelter or let her go without finding her home or a home. So we hung out at the salon and she laid under my desk while I worked. Sometimes clients would ask to hold her while they got their hair done, everybody loved her, she was the best little helper. She now lives with Holli, Scott, and Izzy. She is the cutest little baby.. Happy as can be. Whenever she’d be reaaaally happy she’d make these little grunt-grunts, kind of like a piglet . It was my favorite. I’m so glad she has a good home now. Would have kept you if I could have pumpkin… xoxo