The art of flying within

Sometimes when I’m going really fast on my rollerblades I close my eyes & let the hot air flow through my fingertips. I imagine I’m flying instead of overanalyzing the situation & fearing what everyone watching me thinks. Their judgements do not scare me — forgetting what it feels like to truly be alive does.

Rollerblading with my nephew


With that said, I encourage you to stop & think about who & what you are living for… and if it isn’t for yourself, then maybe it’s time to purchase some rollerblades & pretend to fly. Trust me, it feels better than it sounds. And it’s always fun to have an excuse to rock some tube socks while you blast your favorite tunes. Call me crazy, but sometimes I simply need to pick a different type of noise to block out all of the nonsense I tend to fill my head with. What are some things you do to get to your “happy place”?

My sissy who is most definitely a MILF

Affinity |əˈfinitē|

Today I went rollerblading with Maria. I’m all about combining the things that make me happy into one, so it was perfect. We went around the park a couple times and caught up on each others busy lives while being active, can I get a hell ya? I don’t know about you, but if I can have time with one of my best friends AND tighten my ass at the SAME time I am one happy girl. Maria is a breathe of fresh air in my life. There is never a need to explain things because she truly gets me to a depth many have never been. When you find someone like that it’s something to truly cherish and hold onto. It’s an honest, loving, strong friendship and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Thank you for being you & always allowing me to be nothing but me, I love you.

Ps. There’s a new visitor in the Rosann home…