The Flu’s Got Me Blue

I am blessed with good health & rarely get sick. However, when I do get sick it knocks me on my ass. Unfortunately I didn’t get so lucky this year & I caught the flu. Today was the first day that I’ve left my house since I came home from work early on Friday.

The first couple of days were rough & pretty frustrating. I wanted to cook, clean, workout, be productive, & stick to the ladies night/friendship anniversary my friend Ryanne & I had planned. But once I decided to embrace the down time & accept the fact that I am human & I do get sick sometimes it wasn’t so bad.

I drank a ridiculous amount of green tea & my grandmas magic Elderberry & Echinacea concoction. Each night I ate a head of garlic (yah.. I smell reaaaal good today, guys) I also stuck to my meal plan for the most part & doubled the amount of veggies & water involved. Nyquil made me feel like a crazy person & I ran into the wall when I got up for a glass of water in the middle of the night (whoopsie), so I swapped it with a hot toddy with chamomile before bed. And I of course had the humidifier going all weekend with a couple drops of lavender in the water.

This may sound odd & slightly depressing but in my opinion being sick is kind of like being sad. You can’t really fight it for very long because eventually it creeps up on you. You just have to let it be, go through the motions, do what you need to do to heal, & start fresh when you are feeling back to your regular self.

Tomorrow is a new day & I can’t wait to get back to work. Routine is a must for me to keep my sanity. I’m thankful that I have a positive work place to return to & goals to work towards. What do you do when you’re feeling under the weather?

All my love until next time, xoxo

Sick lazy days

Back to my roots

I have been missing my girlfriends, mum & co-workers a lot lately. My heart aches when I don’t get to see the gems in my life. So I packed the car up & Roman & I made our way to SLC for a few days. I feel like I am on vacation — yet I’m sitting here enjoying a cup of joe at my old desk.

I know I say it a lot, and to some it may be too much, but the blessings in my life never cease to amaze me. All I can say is I genuinely wish I could make sure everyone felt the same about their life. But sometimes, it’s just not that easy.

Happy Monday beautiful, shine on.

In the city


Happy Monday!

Hey everybody, fanks for reading my blog! We’re busy kicking finals ass & helping high school dropouts get an education, so we just thought we’d share this special photo with you instead of a regular post for today. Roman & I appreciate you! Thanks for being so awesome. Have a fabulous Monday, and as always, stay silly my friends.

xoxo, R&B 


ps. not even ashamed of any crazy-cat-lady pics anymore. don’t hate me because of this hot pic & the cat in it. Just love me for who I am, I mean, at least I only have one…….. :)


I dont usually do “Outfit of the day” posts or outfit posts at all, but last weekend I stood on my tippy-toes & let my bins of Spring/Summer clothes out of the closet. I was thrilled to see them after a long Winter.  My spirits are always lifted when the weather allows me to step out in a sundress and sandals. I prefer being barefoot when my dresses touch the ground but the places I can wear those shoes are limited (boo).

Mum said I needed to limit my photos on here with Roman because it makes me look crazy (whoops). Just because Roman is in this photo doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to her —  I always listen to my momma, she knows best. But today I tried to take this shot with self-timer & Roman ran onto the window ledge right as I sat down. I grabbed him to tell him he wasn’t asked to be in the picture, but it obviously didn’t work. So here I am sitting in my office acting all crazy and shit.

I’m obsessed with natural light lately. I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of it. Nothing makes me happier than when the sun hits my house just right & makes every room glow when I open the windows. It’s rare that I turn lights on during the day and I keep the windows wide open to keep it cool. When it rains my house feels/smells/sounds like heaven… I’m very thankful for my beautiful sanctuary.

I should be doing so many other things, but I had to fit in some posts today. Don’t hate me for the email or two today :/  I just meees you

Decoration Devastation #1

Andy and I are so excited about our new tree!!…

But Roman obviously loves it more than both of us. He’s kind of out of control sometimes, which is normal for kittens.. but he has knocked down this poor tree at LEAST 5 times since we got it, ummm, an hour ago. I’m sure it’s going to live a long, good life in our house…

I love our crazy little Roman, and I love that we are making our townhouse into a home. Even if it is with weird palm-tree like things that I have no idea how to keep alive. 

Enjoying a day without a plan

Leslie took these pictures of Roman when we had the family over for dinner on Thursday. She’s so talented, I love her photos.

Today Roman & I started the day reading the Washington Post in bed with tea and lots of snuggles. Now it’s all about ‎90’s music, waffles at 2:30 in the afternoon and SUNSHINE!! I’ve got a big ass grin & a tank top on. Happy Sunday, everyone.Cheers to Spring being the best tease & not having one complaint about it.

Whiskers, kisses & love,


There once was a bag

Once upon a time mom planned on cleaning the litterbox but her ADHD got the best of her & she got distracted. An hour later, Roman crawled inside of the bags she was going to use & decided it was his new favorite place –– a little place for a little guy. Mom reacted as if he had just levitated off of the ground, which resulted in copious amounts of photos.

So irritated with me right now.

Then they snuggled & decided they had just had the best day ever. The end