It’s Never Too Late

One of my favorite books is called ‘It’s Never Too Late’. It has 171 simple acts that can change your life. I enjoy reading it from time to time when I am at loss for inspiration or just need a pick me up. It’s small enough to toss in your purse or keep next to your desk. It’s nice to just flip to a random page and keep that wisdom close to you throughout your day. I want to share two of my favorite things in this book with you this morning. I hope you love them as much as I do…

It’s Never Too Late To… Break away from the herd.

It can take cold courage. It’s your chance to follow your heart, lift your head up, choose your own course. It can bring disdain and abuse. But it will also bring esteem and admiration. But, above all, it brings self respect. Stand on your own feet. Be an individual. 

It’s Never Too Late To… Reinvent Yourself

You are what you make of yourself. Not what others want you to be. If you don’t like the direction in which you’re heading, change… Set some goals: Short, meduim, long-term goals. Consider the new path you need to take. Take that path. Back your judgement.

‘The spirit is the true self’ -Cicero 


“Curb nothing. Be inconsistent or consistent. Do what you want. Don’t change anything about yourself to fit what you think others want. What is truly beautiful, what is truly refreshing, is when you strive for self-realization. Be yourself- your real self. And never settle for any other version. Find out who you really are, not who you could fictionally be.” -HappyHealthyHopeful

Dear Universe

“Dear Universe, show me how to love and accept these crazy parts of myself! Show me how to use them the way You intended them to be used. Show me how to see the beautiful gifts in my flaws, my insecurities and my bad habits! Show me how to accept myself as You made me.”