Success-crazed Confessions

Confession: I have been very caught up in my personal success since moving into my own place. My mind set has been warped into the unfortunate phase of “If I work harder I’ll make more, and then I’ll have nicer things and more interesting qualities. I’ll buy nice kitchen supplies and delicate rugs, I’ll turn my house into a home. My clothes will be lovely and my words will be sweet.”

And tonight it hit me: when did I decide that a woman in satin guaranteed a beautiful conversation? Or that a well decorated home would make the best memories? Does a degree increase the quality of my character, or simply add to my existence in the work place? These are the thoughts that I can’t help but analyze. And when I came across this quote I discovered my problem, and I suppose it is time to find the solution. I value hard work, success, and a respectable resume. But have I unintentionally started to value those things more than my self? I’d love to know what you do to stay grounded.

“We believe that if we had a bigger house, more expensive clothes, or more academic degrees, people would value us more. But success is a currency that is not accepted by the heart: you can’t buy love. Only people who are caught in the same misconception will bond with your accomplishment. Success-based relationships are parasitic, and they vanish when the fame, money, and power do.” -Martha Beck, life coach