Get Naked

I finished Hunger Games (book 1)! That’s the fastest I have read a book in a long time. It’s amazing & I can’t wait to read the others. Hopping on the band wagon was the best damn thing I could have done in this situation. I somehow made it home to smooch Milton goodbye & make dinner by 6:30. That’s my new goal, to start eating earlier because my night time snacks are going straight to my ass. Which is awesome (I’m serious, who doesn’t want to be bootylicious?)… aaaand it is also the reason why I made it my goal to bust out my new jump rope tonight before my bath. Yes I just said jump rope, and yes I do feel like that is kind of laughable (I bought my mom one too, so she’s guilty as well). Go ahead, that’s the best part about blogs, I can’t see you laughing at me, and you can’t hear me saying kiss my ass.

Still can’t decide which book to start tonight during my bath… Oh, did I mention I have a girl crush on Ellen? She is so gorgeous, and as we all know, so funny. And that bitch has got some moves. So maybe I’ll start her book next, just because she’s hot. Kind of like when boys pick the popular girls to be on their team for dodgeball in Jr. High because their A) Pretty and b) Don’t want to hit them in the face & ruin any future chances. Anyway, my tub is ready & I’m now listening to, which means it’s time to

…And how amazing does this look?