Building Resilience

No matter what our circumstances are we each have our own battles in life. You can have your dream job, the healthiest & happiest relationships, a beautiful place to call home, and  the courage & education to pursue your dreams. But at the end of the day those things do not matter when life decides to test you. We all have, and are allowed, to have bad days. There are no exceptions. We all have days that shake us. Yes, some are better equipped than others when it comes to difficult times, but at the end of the day we are all human and we all have to find our own ways to cope.

One of my favorite coping mechanisms is yoga. I’m normally a night owl but when I have class at 6 a.m I force myself to sleep. So when I woke up this morning after having plenty of sleep and still felt mentally and physically exhausted I knew I needed to push myself to go to class more than ever. I forgot my water bottle & towel, and so I found a spot in the back of class because I was later than usual. My breathing was off, my palms burned from using my old mat, and I couldn’t hold my strongest poses for the life of me. There wasn’t much to it, I was simply off balance.

When I left I hugged my teacher and thanked her for a wonderful class. As difficult as class was for me this morning I know that it was what I needed. I needed that extra push. I knew that instead of feeling frustrated about my personal performance in class I should be thankful that I have the opportunity and ability to go and start my day with yoga. It was the first of many things that helped me choose happiness today.

I don’t think that we ever find the perfect answer to how we are supposed to manage our stress, self-doubt, fears, and life’s challenges. I believe this to be true because each trial and error is so unique and needs special care for us to properly heal and grow as individuals. However, I do know this for sure: We must never give up. Whether it is the power of prayer, self-love, fitness, time spent with mother nature, or the people we surround ourselves with there is always a solution to the problem. We simply must be willing to seek and work for it. The last month has taught me a lot but that has been one of my biggest & best lessons thus far.

With that said I hope that you do wake up every morning and choose happiness no matter what life presents you with. You must breathe through each struggle, stretch beyond your comfort, and exceed your personal expectations. Because you are worth it.



The Beauty Takes The Gold

After sharing the rant from hell I knew I just might regret, I read your comments & learned to breathe again. With the love & support of all of you I got through the hardest day Logan has thrown at me thus far. Those deep breathes resulted in this recent discovery: We can either break down or break through, and like one of my amazing readers said, we always, always have a choice. One of my readers whom I adore also commented on that post & gave me some food for thought…

“Sometimes I sit and watch the emotion unfold like I used to watch clouds form and unform until they passed from my living room window,” he said. “Doing that reduces the potency of the feeling but also helps clear your head and provide you sometimes with great insights. It seems at first a very zen thing or stoic but it will relax you and help. – just my two cents” Well, your two cents prevented this lil’ lady from losin’ my mind up in here. (Click the link, it will make more sense) Thank you Mr. Marymuthafuckingpoppins :)

Shortly after I spent some time unfolding, Leslie (Andys sister) invited me over to watch the Superbowl with their family. Such little things seem to get by without recognition, so I want to say thank you. I adore the Lundbergs & cherish the time I get to spend with them. Being with them brings me comfort that feels familiar to the kind I find with my own family, which is something my heart has been absolutely yearning for.

The lesson I learned in this mini-meltdown of mine is this: The on-going battle with my emotions was the root to a weed that can spread like a wild fire. But who am  I to choose what is a flower & what may be a weed? Despite the flaws in my situation I believe the beauty takes the gold. I did not see this at first, of course, but because of my readers, the Lundbergs and my loved ones I opened my eyes to what I have, not what I need.

It has been a little over a month since I loaded my car & made the trip that I had been waiting for for years. The transition scared the shit out of me… but I knew that I was on my way to a new home where I would grow & expand my ability to cope as a young woman in an old & very fast world. Consider this a big fat smooch & long hug from me. Some say strangers cannot make a difference, but I feel we have a connection, and all of you have indeed made a difference in my life… an unforgettable one.

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All of my love, B.

Being Honest

Most of us are aware that stress can do a huge amount of harm to our bodies, but that doesn’t seem to stop many of us. Whenever I feel like my eyeballs are about to pop out of my head I take a few deep breathes & read my ‘stress-guide’. By the time I’m done reading it I am brainstorming all of the things I can do in order to solve the problem & stop stressing out. I’d rather not suffer from weight gain & a decrease in my sex drive. I mean, I’m just being honest… I’m sure you don’t either. Some people need to print this out and tape it to their mirror, fridge, binder, desk, maybe even their forehead. I mean jesus…

Life is too short to have your panties in a perma-bunch.

Frazzled Beyond All Frazzlness




-Off balance




-Frazzled beyond all frazzlness

Just a few words of the day for ya. I work hard to stay positive & promote an uplifting message but today I feel like fucking shit. I tripped on the rug in front of 5 men on the way into therapy this morning, that was neat. Oh what up just goin’ to see my shrink don’t mind me ya’all! Come to find out my therapist double booked so I was shit out of luck. Then she asked me to come back so I did and I waited for an hour in a half in a freezing lobby. I sat there in my pink velour one piece, glamour in hand, praying for my blackberry to ring with my new employer on the other end. It was that awkward temperature where if you’re bra-less (which I always am) your ta ta’s are perma perky and everyone knows it. After all that perky tits & fun waiting shit I ended up not getting in to see Linda at all. The Altima ran on a drop of gas up the hill to get home and I almost hit a rabid chihuahua running away from it’s oriental owner. What’s new.  Almost started crying when I went and checked my final grade for this semester. Then let it alll out when I was reminded of an obligation that put the kabosh on every little thing I’ve planned for the weekend. Borderline melt down. Work from 2-9 today. My question is this: How in the hell do you play pretty, pretty princesses and flying fairies with a 2 and 4 year old when you feel like you are the perfect example of disintegration? Good lord I might implode. I hope you’re having a great day though. Really, I do. I’m used to this so let me handle the crazy bitch look, I’ll work it.

Ps. Do I get a point for every complaint oooor…???

You Can Do This

This is so simple yet helps you get your mind focused and clear on what you need to do. We get so caught up and distracted by our own thoughts and worries. We stress and begin to be consumed by negativity and forget that all we need to do is just smile, just breathe, and take life one day at a time. When I have my own place I’ll make my own version of this and put it on the inside of my mirror or somewhere that I can see it everyday. We grow, mature, and see life through adult eyes as the years go by – This doesn’t mean a reminder can’t make the worlds difference on a day that you’re feeling completely off balance. I love things like this… I find this very inspiring and beautiful. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Remember, you can do this. Smooooooooooches lovebums, xoxox