Be Yourself

“While driving one day, a woman’s attention focused on the license plate of the car ahead. The license read: “B-WHO-UR:’ How can I? she thought. I don’t know who I am!

Some of us may have felt confused when people encouraged us to be ourselves. How could we know ourselves, or be who we are, when, for years, many of us submerged ourselves in the needs of others?
We do have a self. We’re discovering more about ourselves daily. We’re learning we’re deserving of love.

We’re learning to accept ourselves, as we are for the present moment – to accept our feelings, thoughts, flaws, wants, needs, and desires. If our thoughts or feelings are confused, we accept that too. To be who we are means we accept our past our history exactly as is.

To be ourselves means we are entitled to our opinions and beliefs – for the present moment and subject to change. We accept our limitations and our strengths.

To be who we are means we accept our physical selves, as well as our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves, for now. Being who we are in recovery means we take that acceptance one step further. We can appreciate ourselves and our history

Being who we are, loving and accepting ourselves, is not a limiting attitude. Accepting and loving ourselves is how we enable growth and change.

Today, I will be who I am. If I’m not yet certain who I am, I will affirm that I have a right to that exciting discovery.”

-Affirmation by Melody Beattie

Turkey & Math

Maria has her very own Mrs. Monopoly…

I can’t help but be happy sometimes… And five years old. What a delicious, memorable, hilarious Thanksgiving dinner with the Kontgis family. I am so lucky to be able to be a part of their lives. But, there are two things that put me to sleep the fastest, and that is Turkey & math. I haven’t had to do any math this evening thank the good god BUT I am full of Turkey and so excited to crawl in my yummy bed (while Ryan serenades me, of course. mmmm)

Ps. If only you knew how hard it is to get a photo with this girl… Pardon my elf ears & the bad quality. But you get the point. She said I look like Obama/Mr. Monopoly. I ain’t mad

Sunday Funday

I woke up and went straight for the to-do list. I guess that’s my way of handling this whole long distance/winter situation. Here are a few things on my agenda for the day.

Make homemade sugar scrub (via Pinterest)

Buy ‘Matte About You’ nail polish 

Write a letter to Elder Moon

Sit & hope the owner of that condo rings me 

Prepare Mason Jar Salads for work 

Finish all of my thank you cards

Pretend finishing all of my laundry today is realistic

Make a yummy holiday stove potpourri 

Track some damn pumpkins down 

Join the beautiful Kontgis family for Thanksgiving dinner this evening

Main goal: Don’t get distracted by my blog. I love you dolls, but I’m off to have a productive and positive Sunday Funday. One without any mimosas, beer, or bloody marys. I know, I know, why would I do that?? Because my horoscope knew best for Friday night, so I’ll go ahead and trust it… (read ‘wellness’) XOXO

Release The Funk

Today I got busy & ran errands with my grandma. We went to Costco and I swear to god it took every bit of my strength to not honk my horn in that damn parking lot. That is a daily battle in my life… Finding enough peace within so that dense people can’t shake or break me. I always feel so much better once I realize that it isn’t worth getting upset over little things, but it’s hard to keep that in mind in the moment. I need to start doing yoga and meditating again before I rip someone a new one. Tis’ the season, right?

Anyway, grandma & I are a good team & made it in & out of there pretty quick. I bought my pre-workout zipfizz, hair/skin/nails vitamin, teeth whitener, and groceries to make lots of healthy meals this week. I also bought an amazing robe at Target that I can’t wait to bundle up in after my baths. I hate pulling on clothes after a bath when my lotion hasn’t soaked in all the way, so robes are definitely the way to go.

Last year I promised myself I would take the steps necessary to prevent falling into my winter funk. I have a hard time without my daily dose of sunshine and green (grass….). Each Winter has been a bit of a struggle for me. But this year I’m determined to make a change & I’m sure as long as I continue working out, eating healthy, & spending time with my beautiful village of family & friends that will happen.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It’s always been one of my favorite holidays. My mum is a great cook & hostess… Our house is a yummy, welcoming, cozy home with a big fire going at all times. Football is on in the kitchen & living room so everyone can watch and music is always playing. We provide the love, just add your favorite beverage.

Kerry & Roger are going to spend Thanksgiving with us and I am so excited. They are two of my favorite people in the world & we always have such a good time. The only thing missing will be my other half, Andy… Since I am watching the house while grandma is in Calgary I won’t be able to make it up to Logan to be with him. He works the night before Thanksgiving and the morning after and I am finally realizing that there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. I’m doing my best to not let that bum me out too much, but it’s hard. Life is weird without your best friend. That is why I look up to those serving who are away from their families during the holidays… I truly cannot imagine what that would be like.

Anyway, the storm is rolling in & dinner is on the stove. I hope you’re all happy and able to have a relaxing, cozy day. All my love until next time, XOXO