If It Weren’t For These…

Hair, skin, and nails vitamin

¬†I am trying to grow my hair out & want to make sure I’m getting the right amount of vitamins. I bought mine at Costco, and I am really happy with them. My nails are also in gorgeous shape and very strong because of this.

Moroccan Oil Treatment = Liquid gold

I put this in my hair everyday & it makes my hair look, feel, and smell delicious. I have used this for about a year now & would pick it over any other oil treatment (ex. chi) It doesn’t leave your hair greasy either, which is awesome.

Bonne Bell Liplites in Cappucino

This is my ghetto go-to lipgloss. I can’t help but love this product, it’s old school and nothing special but it is the perfect color for my skin & I love the smell.

Terra tints 70% Organic tinted lip balm

Nail Envy Original

I swear by this nail polish. I used to have a big problem with my nails flaking at the ends. I’d try growing them out and they always looked awful and would break. Now that I used this my nails are stronger then ever & always look beautiful & healthy.

These are the beauty products that I use everyday. I’d be a wreck up from the neck up if it weren’t for these. I hope this helps! Let me know if any of you use these as well. What are your favorite beauty products that you couldn’t live without?