Enjoying the Tangible

[ now playing ‘momma’s music’ ]

Its pouring outside today & I can’t quite find the sun’s hiding spot in the sky. That’s okay, because I’ve decided to stop looking for what’s missing & begin enjoying the tangible. I love the rain because it forces me to seek the sunshine in my life. Cheers to you being one of the many beautiful rays that shine light in this life of mine! Wahoo! Thank you for being here. (if you care, I cheers’d with my cup of joe;)


Last night I went to sleep next to my love in our brand new bed (my sweet Andy truly spoils me) and I woke up to the best news ever! After 14 weeks of pushing myself harder than I ever have at school I finally have results: I received my first A on an article!!! Many may laugh at this because A’s might be your average — but an ‘A’ to me means I’m finally getting it. I am LEARNING! My professor doesn’t give A’s often, so I am absolutely ecstatic. This is what I woke up to at 5:45 a.m.  “Wake up! Smell the coffee! Enjoy the ‘A’ you got on your week 12 paper!!!!”

Last night I told Kelsey how frustrated I was with myself and my performance at school — I’d be lying if I said giving up never crossed my mind. This ‘A’ has given me the confidence to fight through the last part of finals, or as Professor LaPlante calls it, ‘The Crucible’.


Anyway, I just realized I need to stop blogging about it & be about it – I’ve got class in an hour!

To read my ‘A’ article go here 

All my love, Bee

Dare to Begin

Today after work I went and did my third interview this week (that’s a lot for a rookie like me.) It was the best interview I have done so far; I can honestly say today was the day that it clicked, I understand why people love journalism.

As I was leaving we thanked each other & went to shake hands. I’m not sure what encouraged me to do this, maybe it’s all the time I’ve spent admiring those who did; Because instead, I chose to give her a hug & say “I’m a hug person.

She softly replied “Well I’m happy to hug you.

I wont always be a hug person — unfortunately there might be times where I may break that rule, but I’m at least going to try it out. I mean, how much damage can more hugs do? Ps. If you don’t want a hug you don’t have to have one:) I’m usually quite good at spotting I-like-my-bubble-respect-it-or-I’ll-glare-at-you people

You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness.” -Brad Garrett


My blog has been slightly ignored for a few days because I want to end this semester running. I haven’t done the best job this semester, but I can genuinely say I have been working my ass off since day one. My time & energy is being put towards work & my class blog, Rescue Me. I have ten articles due in three weeks — and I plan on having them done early.

Another reason I’ve been such a stranger is because I have also discovered a few sad things:

  • There is life after blogging (really, it should be “before blogging”..)
  • There is also life after mother-daughter time while we eat her homemade quiche & Cadbury eggs in the sun & talk about life. I know.. Shitty news right?

If I don’t work hard in school and in the office I will not have the luxury of blogging. Many forget that blogging/the internet is not a right it’s a luxury. If momma can’t pay the bills how the hell is she supposed to blog?….

My mother worked hard to provide for me; I now work hard for the things I want/need & will continue to. It’s what we (the Nielson family) do. Nothing tastes as sweet when it’s handed to you.

Think about it. How many luxuries do you take for granted every single day? We’ll chat soon sweets.

A delicious day + a recipe to tag along

My morning has been close to perfect. I have decided that the only person who has the power to shape the way my day goes is me. I am the only one that can set the tone in my life. Plus I have a commitment to all of you: Provide inspiration, not soppy shit. So when I woke up early to make a quick trip to Salt Lake for an appointment but had to cancel (bad weather) I kept calm & called my docta. After that I educated myself about KONY2012, ordered my action pack, paid the bills & did some budgeting. I also talked to Jani on twitter because she always makes me happy. Here are some ways (click the text) to take control of your day that I think are fantastic.

Then Roman and I danced around the kitchen while I made brunch. Alright, Roman actually rolled around in the sun, but that’s helping in my world. I love seeing him so happy in his new home. I am doing my best to not post ridiculous amounts of photos of him because I know that EVERYBODY isn’t a cat whisperer like me… BUT I am teaching him to play fetch and had to post a video on youtube. Personally I think it’s hilarious because he drags his feather back to me while I blog (multi-tasking at its finest). If you want to watch it feel free by going here.

I’m fully aware that I’m a crazy cat woman & getting worse by the minute, no need to point out the obvious to me:)

While our brunch was divine (turkey bacon rocks my world), this one takes the cake… Shaved Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Goat Cheese on whole wheat crust. I want to make this for dinner soon because it’s fairly healthy but packed with flavor. Click the photo to get the recipe.

I am off to bask in the sun while I enroll some high school dropouts. Thank you universe, for providing me with such a gorgeous day, I needed this. Now please go make everybody else’s day just as delicious. You deserve it, my loves. Smooches & squeezes, Bee

If It Were A Book

I’ve been trying to accept that good things happen to bad people..

I ordered a book my friend Jani recommended called  “Women Who Think Too Much”. I spend a large amount of my time doing that & I’m ready to make a change for the better. Women tend to overanalyze things & it’s not healthy. It will be my new bath time read. Thank you Jani.

Hell week (or hell weeks) is among us and it’s everything you’d imagine it to be. An article is due every day for 11 days. We typically have 1 article per week so it’s a lot more work then we’re used to.

I’ll be in SLC for CJ’s funeral this weekend, back home for a day, then back to SLC for an all day work summit next week. Not much I can do other then get plenty of rest & prepare myself mentally. Anyway, if you have the time I want you to ask yourself this question today: if your life was a book and you were the author how would you want your story to go? Watch this video & get inspired to make it an incredible story.

 I hope you all have a great Thursday. All my love, xoxo

Meet Me There

At 11:45 last night I received an email inviting me to a press conference with NASA representatives at the OC Tanner Lounge. At 4:30 I will go to gather some information & do some interviewing. My stomach is already in knots. I will be sure to walk at a normal speed vs. speed walking so that I don’t show up with beads of sweat on my glistening forehead. Serious. I wish it were a joke but it definitely is not. The beautiful thing about life is if you are willing to expand your horizons you can meet some truly incredible people. I just need to work on not being intimidated by them. Or sweating on them.

Yesterday was a 12 hour work day for me. I know many people work that & more on a regular basis but I’m not quite accustom to it. After that I worked on my interview. I went to bed exhausted but relieved that I had done everything I could do with the day I was given. And so here we are with another opportunity & I am so eager to shape it into the productive, positive, educational day I know it can be.

I saw this on Pinterest & immediately thought of my person, my sister, my other half — Kelsey Loraine. We talked on the phone last night about sacrificing now so that we can live a more fulfilled life later. I have expressed my concerns to her about my success at school, so she gave me a pep talk which involved Lance Armstrong & his will to be a champion.

Naturally, we both have aspects in our lives that are testing us right now. We were raised by strong women and I know we can overcome these obstacles. It’s just nice to know that at the end of the day I have her to go to when I am discouraged & overwhelmed with doubt.

When I send my article in at 8:59 p.m I will shut my computer, play this song, close my eyes & meet you here.

All my love, Bee

photos via Pinterest

Fine Dining

I think my favorite part about myself is that I’m so naturally beautiful that this morning when I woke up I didn’t even have to get ready.

Okay I changed out of my robe into a wife beater.

Then I had a divine dinner. I made two ham & cheese Hot-Pockets & had some tortilla chips as an appetizer. Fundip was dessert, obviously.

Deadline is tomorrow & I’m writing an article about the NASA Space Program at USU. I think it’s pretty fair to say that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. & I study a LOT. Seriously. It’s bullshit.

I’m sort of concerned that I’m morphing into this brizzle or this brizzle.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Breathe, Sing, & Leave Your Granny Panties At Home

You know you’ve had a kick-ass month when: You feel like you could possibly go into cardiac arrest halfway through your routine workout and your throat burns as if a doctor has been shoving a q-tip down your throat to test for strep for 20 minutes.

July was full of so many good things that I unintentionally neglected my blog… But I’m back! And I’m sure once I’m into my day to day schedule again I’ll make up for my lack of posts when one of my infamous late night writing sprees sneaks up on me. By the way, I apologize to my subscribers for those little treats. If my phone started blowing up in the wee hours of the morning because of notification emails from a blog I follow I’d probably post an anonymous comment saying, ‘Bitch, go to sleep.‘ I’m not encouraging any of you to do that to me… However, I am promising to work on it.

A few things happened…


Talya Belle turned 5!

I’m not sure I will love any kids as much as I love Talya and Zeb until I have my very own. I feel so lucky to have been part of Talya Belles life since day one. Often people underestimate the power of children and the things they can teach you, but I learn from Talya every single day. She has taught me to be patient when life tests me, to accept all walks of life no matter how foreign they may seem, to try everything once even if you’re not sure if you’ll like it, and that Dr. Seuss truly never gets old. I love you sweetheart, you will always be my sunshine.


I started my new job.

I have worked for the American Academy on and off since the company first started. Right now I’m recruiting students who have dropped out of high school. We work with different districts all over the country and help them get the students who have dropped out of school back on track to receive their diploma. Some districts are in areas where poverty is very high. It’s not rare for the kids to stop going to school in 8th grade, and support from family tends to be limited. I enrolled a boy yesterday who has been on his own since he was fourteen years old. When I asked for his parents contact information he got really quiet and said, “I’m not close with my parents.” That was all he needed to say, I could feel his pain over the phone. But despite his sudden drop in enthusiasm regarding his parents he spoke with courage and ambition as we continued to discuss the step he was about to take in order to graduate high school. After I hung up the phone I sat there and reflected on my discussion with him. The amount of respect for him & everyone else who is able to subdue any disbelief others have when it comes to their personal success is huge. There will always be someone who wants you to believe you can’t but in the end you make that decision. I hope that I am able to keep in touch with this student and watch him achieve his goals and prove it to not only others but himself that he is capable of anything he want’s to do. It is really rewarding when I am able to be a part of that. Waking up every morning with confidence that if I work hard enough I can make a difference in at least one persons life is a hard feeling to explain. A little bit of bliss from my new 9-5… I am so lucky.

Other news:

Dyan finished nursing school! I am so proud of her and admire her for deciding that being a nurse is what she wanted and then just doin’ the damn thing. Cheers aunt Dy!!

 Gregg & Leann finished a triathlon in Idaho last weekend. Gregg is always working (oh, & being a husband, dad, and kickass uncle) so I’m not quite sure how he trains for these things on top of it all. Either way, he does, and I think it’s awesome.  They both did a fabulous job.

Terrible decision # 1: I wore granny panties on a hike. Nope… Never again. It was so hot and I was just blatantly picking a wedgie the whole way up. I don’t even care. I’m not going to hike uncomfortably for the sake of some random hiker. Shit happens right? Needless to say, I would not recommend wearing granny panties on a hike to any of you.

Andy and I went camping with some friends at Joes Vally reservoir over the 24th. I had the time of my life and got to know some really amazing people. Our camping spot was right next to a gorgeous lake. Waking up and opening my tent to that took my breathe away. It was so nice getting out of the buzz in the city. It was a much needed get away.

My pixie hair cut grew into a mullet (that was neat) and then my mullet transformed into a nub. I’m not ashamed to admit that it was one of the most exciting moments in my life… Yup, that’s how bad I hated the life of having a she-mullet. I’m no longer a little boy and it feels soo good:)

I said 또봐요 (that’s what goodbye means in Korean) to one of my best friends Jon Moon. He left for the MTC to prepare for his mission in Seoul, Korea. I coudn’t be more proud of him (or more concerned about what life will be like without him for 2 years). But I know he will be a brilliant missionary, and I can hardly wait to write him. “Dear Jon….” I love you!!

Came to the conclusion that having a nice ass is better then being a size 0.

Bought Beyonces CD ‘4’ and haven’t taken it out since. I like to pretend I’m her when I’m in my car, very normal. If you’re judging then you ain’t living. Because in my opinion, singing your heart out and dancing in your car is a tiny part of truly living. Whenever I see someone doing that I just want to say, ‘Get it girl!’

I learned to golf in June and went to my first pga tournament in July. Andy and the boys had VIP passes so we all went. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy myself, and if I was going to, it was not going to be sober. But I had such a good time and met a lot of really interesting people. It was a whole new experience for me and I can’t wait to go back next year.

 I stopped making excuses and applied to USU. Logan bound… Nuff’ (said for now). Ciao SLC

Fell in love with fried pickles

My mum and Andy met. I love them both. That’s all:)

Anyway, I have truly been given a beautiful month and am eager to see what August has in store. Life is proving to me that if I stay positive instead of stressing out all the time things will work out on their own. Instead of saying ‘No’ I’ve decided to say, ‘Why not?’.  With that outlook new opportunities, experiences, and memories have been given to me & I couldn’t be happier. I hope all of you had an amazing month as well and that you’re pushing your own fears out the door and welcoming new things with confidence that everything will be perfect. Just breathe, sing, & leave your granny panties at home. XOXO

Ps. Happy Birthday Barack Obama!