Places To Be: Amangiri Resort

One of our favorite things to do is talk about all the places we want to go together. When I saw photos of the Amangiri Resort I did some research, and to my surprise it’s in Canyon Point, Utah. Canyon Point is only about an eight hour drive from us, so this will have to be something we can add to our wish list. Utah is incredible. We get the best of both worlds & I am so grateful that we live in such a beautiful place. For a video tour of the resort go here

What are some of your favorite luxury get-aways that you’re planning or have already gone on?


The Beauty Takes The Gold

After sharing the rant from hell I knew I just might regret, I read your comments & learned to breathe again. With the love & support of all of you I got through the hardest day Logan has thrown at me thus far. Those deep breathes resulted in this recent discovery: We can either break down or break through, and like one of my amazing readers said, we always, always have a choice. One of my readers whom I adore also commented on that post & gave me some food for thought…

“Sometimes I sit and watch the emotion unfold like I used to watch clouds form and unform until they passed from my living room window,” he said. “Doing that reduces the potency of the feeling but also helps clear your head and provide you sometimes with great insights. It seems at first a very zen thing or stoic but it will relax you and help. – just my two cents” Well, your two cents prevented this lil’ lady from losin’ my mind up in here. (Click the link, it will make more sense) Thank you Mr. Marymuthafuckingpoppins :)

Shortly after I spent some time unfolding, Leslie (Andys sister) invited me over to watch the Superbowl with their family. Such little things seem to get by without recognition, so I want to say thank you. I adore the Lundbergs & cherish the time I get to spend with them. Being with them brings me comfort that feels familiar to the kind I find with my own family, which is something my heart has been absolutely yearning for.

The lesson I learned in this mini-meltdown of mine is this: The on-going battle with my emotions was the root to a weed that can spread like a wild fire. But who am  I to choose what is a flower & what may be a weed? Despite the flaws in my situation I believe the beauty takes the gold. I did not see this at first, of course, but because of my readers, the Lundbergs and my loved ones I opened my eyes to what I have, not what I need.

It has been a little over a month since I loaded my car & made the trip that I had been waiting for for years. The transition scared the shit out of me… but I knew that I was on my way to a new home where I would grow & expand my ability to cope as a young woman in an old & very fast world. Consider this a big fat smooch & long hug from me. Some say strangers cannot make a difference, but I feel we have a connection, and all of you have indeed made a difference in my life… an unforgettable one.

Photos Via Pinterest 

All of my love, B.


“Brave breast-cancer survivor Linda Burger, 56, has a few choice words for certain people who seem to think politics should be allowed to dictate policy when it comes to the life-saving detection and treatment of breast cancer.”

“This video contains very frank language and courageously graphic footage of a body that’s undergone a bilateral mastectomy, but it is highly recommended viewing for anyone who wishes to learn from a well-informed source what breast cancer is, and — perhaps more importantly — what it is not.” –The Daily What

Please take five minutes to watch this video Linda Burger made. It is inspiring & to the point.

There has been a huge reaction to the Susan G. Komen foundation and their decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood is the largest women’s health organization in the US and provides care for all women in need (primarily those with low income).

I have seen all the comments, hateful words, etc. and it is really disappointing to see this happen. I decided to step back & keep my comments to myself until things calmed down a little bit. I have supported SGK for years and ran in The Race For The Cure. I genuinely hope that this can be fixed & that we can move towards what is truly important: Helping women in need. I hope this video can help shed light on the fact that politics & breast cancer are two completely different things.

For more information on this go to this site

Authentic Self

I threw on a big ole’ sweater, leggings, cheetah socks and Lita’s – I was ready for school. Class was going great & I was learning a ton. I’m all about participating in class, but I was interrupted mid-sentence by my Professor. He looked at my feet as he tilted his head – ‘HOW do you walk in those things?’ he said. ‘Well..” I said, ‘I just do.‘ (Bravo on the reply, dumbass.)

Before I knew it the entire class was staring my shoes down. If I knew how to I’m sure I would have felt really awkward. I’m not sure if they were loving, hating, judging, or trying to understand. Either way, I wasn’t quite sure how to react. In a last attempt to explain I said ‘Well, they are boots, so you have ankle support….’  They still didn’t get it.

‘Those are not boots! Those are Pee Wee Herman shoes!” Before I knew it Professor LaPlante jumped onto his desk & danced across it on his toes. Aaaand it was hilarious. Matthew LaPlante is an official badass, if you weren’t already aware.

I may not know how to write flawlessly in AP Style but I can probably run faster then some people in my Litas. It won’t take me anywhere in life other then the front of a line at the mall, but if I’m going to fail I’m going to do it in style with a huge ass grin on my face. It feels good to be different when society pushes us all to be the same.

Cheers to stepping out in nothing but my authentic self today. Logan, meet Lita – Lita, meet Logan. We will meet again.


The Perfect Mermaid

I’m positive Tessa Barton is one of the most talented, beautiful, breathe-taking people you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Did I mention she sings?… Listen to her cover of one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. AND, while you’re at it, go see her blog – It is outstanding. There are some people you just can’t help but stare at.

I have a feeling today is going to be a day of learning – Don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t tell you. Sometimes I just get good feelings. XOXO

Priorities & Malfunctions

I am working today and then I have an article to write for class. Not much blogging on my end this weekend. My meow & I have been working on an upgrade for the site, and have run into some complications. Hopefully we will have it fixed by tonight, but bare with me while we work on it (okay, while Maria works on it, she’s the computer whiz).

Andy and I are so sad that we can’t be at Sundance in PC. We are missing our family & friends in Salt Lake but are going to try & visit next weekend. It’s hard sometimes, but we have to keep our priorities straight.

Enjoy your weekend sweets. xoxo, Bee

If we lived in the city, this is what today would bring. Dalmatians remind me of my sweet grandmas dog Oreo who passed years ago. He used to get so excited & run as fast as he could through the front door. One day he slipped on the rug & flew into the wall. My mum & I laughed so hard we cried. He wasn’t hurt, he just went on with his day like nothing had happened… Bless his heart. We miss you stinky boy. XOXO