Have the courage to use your voice

Lets get this straight. Just because somebody is different then you does not give you the right to hurt them. If you believe you are superior in some way or another I want you to know you are not. We are all equal and deserve to be treated in an all-loving zero-judging way.  When we choose to use our words & physical strength in a negative way by putting others down it shows our true character, not the person who we are hurting.

When I was in high school I worked with students who had a harder time adjusting to the social scene of a classroom setting then others. I loved seeing them begin to open up to me and the other mentors after learning that they could trust us — that they were not going to be judged or treated differently. Each of them are brilliant and have amazing things to offer to the world, they just needed somebody to give them a chance.

Now I work for a company that helps high school dropouts get back into school called The American Academy. There is an alarming amount of students I talk to every single day that tell me the reason they dropped out is because they no longer felt safe because of bullying or had social barriers that effected their education. So they turn to us, where we help them get their high school diploma in an environment that does not put them at risk of being bullied. To learn more, go here.

I encourage all of you to support this film and the message it is promoting. Spread the word, stop bullying. Take your children, friends, family and anyone else that is willing to do their part to stop this awful problem. Nobody deserves the pain that bully creates. Take action! We cannot afford to lose any more young lives. It is just not okay. I am passionate about protecting our children and teaching them how to stand up for those who are in need. I refuse to turn the other way.

Life is hard and sometimes, especially when we are young, we say things we do not mean. Some may say their kids are “perfect” and think they would “never hurt anyone”. Parents, please, take this seriouslyIt starts at home. 

Please go here to sign an important petition regarding this film.

Speaking Out

Today a girlfriend of mine, Brae, shared this on facebook. It’s a video about two Teachers who were caught on tape bullying a special-needs girl. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to hear about this happening in the school system. I worked with special-needs students for years and can’t imagine ever doing anything to belittle or hurt them. The fact that these women thought that what they did was acceptable and that they would get away with it is beyond unethical.

These children are no different then you and I, just like us they need to be loved, respected, & nurtured. They need people to reassure them that they are no different and deserve to be treated correctly.. Not talked down to & verbally abused. Many of the students I worked with were absolutely brilliant & had hearts bigger then their bodies gave them credit for. I learned from them every single day and cherished the time we spent together. Those who do work with these kids need to realize the depth of the impact they have on them. Unlike many of us, they are extremely aware of the energy around them and are more sensitive to emotions then others. I believe that if you are willing to be patient with them they will react in a much more positive way. The first mistake people make is thinking ‘They don’t know what’s going on’, or that they do not know better.

It’s so important to listen to our children when anything seems a bit ‘off’ at school.. Often it isn’t anything, but sometimes we aren’t aware of what is really going on. I hope that this raises awareness and shows people that this is a big problem and needs to be taken care of. Please share this with your loved ones. If we turn the other away we are putting other children in harms way. For more information on what you can do to prevent bullying go here.