The Downside To Big Girl Panties

Yesterday Salt Lake experienced quite the wind storm. If you have a facebook you are probably already aware of this, since that is where everyone posts generic statuses about the weather. Fences were knocked to the ground, power lines were in the street, & tree’s were falling on homes. Oh, and I was curled in my bed scared to get up & go to the gym because it was A) Dark and B) Um, dark. When I pulled out of my driveway that morning this is what I saw…

Which brought me to the conclusion that growing up & putting on my big girl panties sucks some times. Mostly because I can’t borrow my mums ridiculously stylish clothes anymore. One of my favorite items in her closet is this North Face Jacket. It’s sleek & and looks good on everybody. So I’ve decided that there is beauty in the wind storm, because now I know what my new ‘Must Have’ item is (Along with some jeans that fit my ass).