Logan Problem #1

I have morphed into a legitimate pig since we have moved. When Andy is at work, I tend to go into this weird mode where I just shove everything in arms reach into my mouth. It’s such a problem. That box of oreos in my pantry? Oh ya… GONE. And, I am pretty positive that my heart rate has not increased in result of physical activity in weeks. That is, unless, you count me BOOKING it up our stairs (always skipping a step like a 5 year old. you know it’s fun and you’ve done it), or the really neat anxiety attacks moving causes.

Anyway, long story not really short, I have decided in order to be healthy I need to prep.

We went to the store & bought things for:

Taco Tuesday! The first one we’ve had. I’ve never made tacos before, so I was kind of nervous. Handling meat freaks my shit out… But they turned out absolutely delicious. I thought I’d never say this… But they tasted just like my moms :)

Oh and don’t forget my huge glass filled to the rim with ice cold cranberry juice.

And this green smoothie that surprisingly did not freak my shit out.


So we are going to be making healthy, delicious, all around meals for dinner hopefully 3 times a week or more. And I am going to make myself smoothies so that I don’t eat & then feel like my stomach is eating itself 2 hours later.

When I was living in Salt Lake I was going to the gym almost every morning before work with Kelsey. Prior to the move I unintentionally let my gym habit slip. But, I am determined to get back into it. I haven’t joined the Rec center here yet, so Kelsey sent me this fabulous (ok kickass) site. I can’t wait to start, they have quick & effective videos that hold the attention span of a 5 year old. I’d give it a try. After all, Victorias Secret did just send out the swim issue… Uh ohhh.

She Rose

I sat straight up in bed, it was pitch black, and I had nothing to say but ‘fuc*’

(How ladylike)

For no reason at all. Sometimes when dreams & reality clash it’s a strange awakening. I guess that is kind of what I experienced this morning. My makeup is on from yesterday & my hair looks like I never went to bed. I’ve already finished a can of coconut juice, a cinnamon roll, & taken all of my vitamins. I fell asleep relieved & rose covered with a cape of nerves & a bit of wonder.  I suppose we all have days where we go into deeper thought then our typical day. It doesn’t necessarily deserve to be classified as a ‘bad mood’, just a different mood. No matter what I’m feeling, I’m simply grateful I have the ability to do so. That I can express my emotions in more ways then even I have explored. My options are endless, the world has given me a life of no limits. Just as it has for you. To live everyday with a peaceful mind… That is what I hope to do. To give each heartbeat credit beyond a thud, your strong legs that carry you respect, and to feel brave enough to allow your mind a bit of freedom when society pushes nothing but structure.

‘None but ourselves can free our mind’

[Photo Via ‘We Live Young’]