Made To Love



Alright people I’m just going to make this simple. I love to love. I truly feel like I as an individual was made to love. Some have told me that’s not really a “thing” but I like to think otherwise. It is my strongest (and at times it has been my weakest) trait.

I always have and always will firmly believe that when in doubt you just have to add a little love to it. So I do. Every single day I make it a point to say “I love you” to someone in my life without even speaking those three words. With time I’ve learned that there are so many ways that you can say I love you, it just comes down to whether or not the receiving individual is able to hear it. 

So, lets take a break from that discussion so that I can make a quick point about today: It’s really kind of weird to me that people who are single get so down on themselves on Valentines day. Is the day not about love? Do you not have any in your life? If not, create it. Self-love, google it. Family and friends? Yah go squeeze the shit out of them, it feels really good I promise. Love is so much more than flowers, chocolate, and diamonds on a random day in February. Don’t dwell on the fact that it may be lacking. Just make it happen. You deserve it.

So, since today is “love-day” I vow to celebrate the ridiculous amount that I am blessed to have in my life. My family and friends make my world go ’round. And I’m going to do my very best to remind them of that.

So if and when you feel kind of bummed today do this: Slow down, take a big deep breath, focus on what you have and repeat after me: life is not about what I can get, it is about what I can give. 

And hopefully your heart will feel a little lighter, your world a bit brighter, and your soul will stir with ideas of how you can bring more love into the peoples lives around you. Which, in the most badass way ever, will bring more love into your life in return. How about that for a thought? It’s a win-win babe. I’m tellin’ ya. Love is kind of magical like that. So please, have a beautiful day, kick ass, hug lots of peeps alright?

All my love, cheesy thoughts (and 20-something thoughts) on love until next time,


You Know You Want To

Good morning little birds! Since I have been absent I thought I would pop in to share some of my favorite posts today. Enjoy, and don’t forget to shower these fantastic blogs with some good, good lovins. You know you want to. XOXO


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Just Add Love

2012 has been full of plenty of positive change – Moving to my new home in Logan has been one of the many transitions we have made. Andy & I have been so busy trying to get ourselves moved in & organized while still maintaining busy work schedules. I won’t be writing until we are settled into our new home (and have internet).

I love all of you & hope you all had a safe & fabulous NYE. Cheers to new adventures! All my love until next time, xoxo B


A sneak peek of what we’re working with here…

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just add love 

So She Counts…

I’ve spent tonight watching Sister Wives (they’re from Utah… shocking) & eating some of the 30 wings I bought to-go from Wingcoop (I have a problem). As I’ve said before, I respect all walks of life. I think that humans are so incredibly interesting, we can all learn from each other. But, I am also really thankful that I am in a beautiful, happy relationship…. & not polygamist.

I’ve caught a bad case of writers block, so my posts have been lacking. I am really sorry, hopefully I can get out of this stagnant mood. The last few days have been spent marinating in the fact that I will be packing up my life here in SLC & moving to my new home in 2 weeks. It’s a mixture between absolute excitement & an eager heart with a side of heartache & nerves. This all feels natural, I think. At least I can finally do this cute idea.  I’m listening to Eminem while I sluggishly pack my gym bag. I have been awful about getting up & going, and have packed on a couple Holiday LBS, to say the least. Dear extra lovin’ on my tummy, please relocate to my ass. Thank you kindly, Me. XOXO

Elder Moon

I just got an email from Elder Moon!! I miss him more then I can explain. He’s been one of my very best friends since 7th grade… There isn’t a soul in the world that could replace this boy in my life. We’ve been through so much together, and somehow he’s been patient enough to stay by my side for all these years… And trust me, it wasn’t easy. I’m a pain in the ass. I love you Jon, I am so proud of you and I just know that you’re the most amazing missionary in the world. I promise I’ll workout and take care of myself and not wear recockulous outfits like you made me swear not to do. So even though you aren’t here to make sure I’m not a wreck-up-from-the-neck-up, know that I’m doing okay (so far) and that I think about you every single day.

Hearing from him just made my week. I’m so excited I may or may not have just squealed in my bedroom. SMOOCHING AND SQUEEZING YOUR KOREAN ARSS FROM AFAR!!! XOXO


Where It All Began

Tonight, I’m really missing Isabelle…

But I’m back to the closest thing to ‘home’ with my incredible GG, and I get to snuggle the night away with Roxy for the first time in over a year. The past has many things I’d bring along with me if I could, but I know that everything happens for a reason and that it will all be okay. I’m finally accepting the fact that many things are meant to be embraced and then peacefully let go despite the urge to hold on. Heres to loving the now, appreciating the past, and moving forward to a new beginning. Sometimes you have to end up where it all began to feel like the chapter is truly ending. Goodnight my loves, sweet sleeps… XOXO

Flirtin’ With Hustle

I’m mentally exhausted. One helluva week, my loves. But, I will say this. I had a very productive day at work yesterday, went out to ‘Naked Fish’ to celebrate Elana’s birthday with a handful of outstanding women, and even rescued a baby mouse before I crawled in my bed and called it a day – And I went to bed smiling. But to continue on about Monday-Wednesday and then today would be torturous for not only me (because I’m feeling a wee bit slow) but for you as well, because nobody enjoys decoding sentences when I’m speaking baileynese. Anyway, the first week of September gave me a little taste of what the next 2 months will feel like. And I think I’m ready. XOXO

‘When I started flirtin with the hustle failure became my ex now I’m engaged to the game and married to success.’ -Lil Wayne