Off The Top Of Me Head…

I was feeling refreshed & ready to put my all into a good day in the office when I woke up this morning. I’m driving along happy as can be and then out of no where I randomly started brainstorming things that I am grateful for. I decided to say them out loud (in a song-like way, of course) and I have to say, despite looking like a weird ass talking to myself, it was a fabulous way to start the week. Here are a few things I love & appreciate…

I’m thankful for:

Having a roof over my head and a home full of absolute love & understanding

My family & friends who have turned into my family

My lovaboy 

Good health

A job I absolutely love

That I didn’t get eaten by a bear while we were camping this weekend (seriously…)

For my guncles and aunties

For my nub

For an open mind

For books 

That I was able to buy my breakfast this morning & not check my bank account before swiping my card

For my car

 for the fact that I don’t to go to the U and have to deal with parking, I just have to drive past the nonsense to get home everyday. 

For fresh air and sunshine 

For education

For my 3 brilliant, helpful, and kind doctors 

For clean water

For change & new opportunities 

But most of all I am thankful to be…

It all may seem sort of dumb, and maybe it is to some, but I believe gratitude is a beautiful thing in all shapes and forms… Take a second and ask yourself ‘What am I grateful for today??’


The Green Eyed Monster

You know that feeling that emerges from deep down inside when you see someone that has something or ‘the thing’ that you would do anything for? It burns a little bit. Sometimes it’s a good burn, and sometimes its bad, it’s all up to you. Do you let that feeling develop into the poison we as humans are all too familiar with, the one that goes by the name jealousy? Or do you watch in positive admiration? Do you take a step back and think to yourself, ‘Wow, what an amazing person.“, or do you automatically wish them the worst? Many wont admit to it but it is just something we do. Girls see other girls and are overwhelmed by their beauty. But instead of complimenting them, they give them a dirty look, but why? What is that doing for you? The only thing that does to you is make you ugly on the inside, and that’s where it all begins, so you’re already behind when it comes to having that beauty. In fact, you have it already, you just have to believe in it & respect others beauty as well. Because beautiful people, just like successful people, do not just happen. It takes character, determination, love, respect, and kindness – Because beauty fades but a good soul does not. If someone has something you want whether it be an asset or a quality talk to them, learn from them, soak in the way they do things. Ask them for advice, if they are someone worth looking up to, they will give it to you, they will be FLATTERED! Then use that advice and go out and make things happen for yourself instead of sitting around waiting for what you want to come to you. If you can learn from those who have achieved goals similar to yours you’re already that much closer to turning those dreams of yours into reality. Go get em’ lovey. No better time then now. XOXO

Zombies Love Pretty Things, Too

Too exhausted to write. But I will anyway. Exciting news: Finished the race yesterday! We took 2nd in the mens division (I was the only girl on our team, therefore I’m considered a man. It’s fine.) Can barely move.  My mum just rang & started laughing because I may or may not sound like I’m on my death bed. She said, “Are you sleeping”. I said “About to be.”, and she goes “Oh honey, well just look at your medal and it will make all the pain go away.” I sat there silent for a minute & then said, “No. It won’t”. It’s great when you’re able to push yourself and stay strong mentally even though your body is trying to deny every step during the run. Not so great the next day when you’re walking around like there’s a huge stick up your ass. Worth it though, it was an amazing experience and really inspired me to continue running regularly. I had such a kick ass team. Gregg, Jc, and Jeff were amazing. Why am I writing such short. Short. Sentences. OOOOPS. I’m delusional & have a PC sunburn on my calves. The elevation will get cha’, I love it. Taking some ibuprofen and falling into a deep, deep sleep. Sweet siestas my loves… XOXO

Before the race – “Running With Ed” in PC