Yes We Can

Milton & I went for a walk this afternoon. I woke up to a gorgeous day & couldn’t help but get some fresh air. I love having all of my music on my iphone, I had this album on repeat the entire time.

Everyone has been talking about these books, I couldn’t decide if it was worth looking into but I finally caved & bought the first book. I stood there tapping the screen to the book search in Barnes & Noble until I realized it had a keyboard…. Oops. I may or may not have grabbed this...and this…. and this too. Oh jesus… yes I’m serious right now. I’ve been needing some good reads for a while now. Once I get started on one good book I can’t stop, I keep opening up more. It’s one thing I don’t feel guilty about spending my money on. Each book helps to enlighten & expand my mind, & that is always a good thing.

Anyway, I’m off to escape into the worlds in each of these books. I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend & taking the time to educate yourself. Here is a video I thought some of you might enjoy… XOXO